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Dog Discovered Beside His Late Owner Finds Love Anew in a New Family



Reviewed By: Dr. Joel Robertson

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Source: Twenty Paws Rescue

Tyson is a story that has to be told to the world. This poor dog’s heart broke when his human owner passed away. It was determined that Tyson had spent 5 to 6 days next to the body of his beloved human. The sadness and trauma was extremely evident. Tyson walked into his kennel when others finally arrived at the apartment where Tyson and his owner had lived. He refused to come out of the kennel, he refused to eat or drink. It took quite a bit of time for Tyson to begin to think that these humans could be trusted.

The sadness of losing a loved one is one of the most difficult emotions ever. Humans have a difficult time dealing with it. Imagine being a dog and not having anyone there with you except your human who is not moving. Tyson was lost and alone for all those days, it is no wonder he was scared to leave the apartment.

The rescue Staff took their time with Tyson, until he was ready. They brought him back to the shelter and did their best to make him feel better. They wanted to help him get past the sadness, the loss that he felt. In time they were able to get him responding to their love, to interact with the other animals slowly.

One day they received an email from a person very interested in adopting Tyson. Of course his story tears at your heart and makes you hurt and cry for him. Within days of this email a visit was arranged and the process began for Tyson’s adoption.

The first step is to make sure that the adopted parent and the dog get along. In this case there was absolutely no doubt that the woman who showed up was the perfect fit for Tyson. Sarah walked in and Tyson immediately reacted positively to her. It was a match made in heaven. Tears began to flow from the Staff taking in this beautiful sight as well as Sarah and Tyson himself.

Source: Twenty Paws Rescue

Tyson walked right over to Sarah and began to communicate with her in small ways. He tried to put his paw into her palm, he happily took the toy that Sarah had brought with her. It was surely as if they knew each other already.

The Staff had a difficult time saying goodbye to Tyson, but Tyson was happy to be with Sarah and walked out and eagerly got into her car. To say he is spoiled in Sarah’s care would be an understatement. They spoil each other and Tyson has been right at home from the minute he first laid eyes on Sarah.

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