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Editorial Policy and Standards

At Pet-how.com, we strive to create content that is fact-checked and unbiased. Our main goal is to provide accurate and reliable information for pet parents. If you have any concerns about the objectivity of one of our articles, please reach out to us by email at askpethow@gmail.com.

Our Content Integrity Promise

We swear by our content integrity promise that guarantees the quality and credibility of all the articles as well as the editorial processes.

Our team of authors and editors is committed to providing reliable, informative, up-to-date, and accurate content written for the reader’s needs first. To ensure that the information is accurate, we consult each other, we do research, and we talk to other veterinarian colleagues.

At the bottom of the article, you can find the author’s name and contact information (a Linkedin profile) where you can reach out and provide your feedback, or on our email support@pet-how.com.

We do use A. I to help us find topic ideas that people are asking on the internet, but we write our own content and a human editor is being used to make sure that everything checks out.

Fact-Checking Before Publishing

An article that is not fact-checked will not be published. We do not care about the time that was put in to write the article. Without fact-checking it, it is never going to see the light of day.

Our Chief Editor Dr. Joel Robertson is the person which the most experience and is doing the fact-checking and editing before publishing.

Fact-checking is very important for us and that way we ensure the accuracy and reliability of the content we produce.

By making sure that all the information provided is both accurate and well-sourced, we make pet-how.com a reliable source for pet parents.

Corrections Done By Editors

Even though our editorial team works tirelessly to edit the articles before publishing, some errors might still get away. However, if you notice any of these errors, please reach out to us via email at askpethow@gmail.com and we will make the necessary corrections.


We take pride in our articles. However, there are bigger and more authoritative websites out there and we proudly consult with them about information.

Our website is closely working with the following pet associations:

Without Ethics, We Are Nothing

At PetHow, we try to maintain the highest ethical standards in our publications. We strive for accuracy and fairness in all the articles we write and publish, doing so while following copyright laws and not infringing anyone’s intellectual property rights.

We are a member of DMCA.

To make sure that our articles are copyright-free, we accept and follow journalistic practices such as:

Objectivity Goals

Our writer’s and editor’s main goal is to maintain complete objectivity when it comes to including any resources used in the articles. Our writers and editors choose the most reliable resource available on the internet, without any favoritism towards a certain website.

Important Disclaimer

Even though we have DVMs on our team, our information should be only used as a starting point. You should always listen to your veterinarian because he knows your pet. We are just providing you with information on what could be wrong and how you can go about it. But it is up to the veterinarian to have the last word.

Learn more about the team at PetHow.

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