10 Signs Your Australian Shepherd Loves You

The Australian Shepherd is a great pet. These dogs are affectionate and loving. They incorporate perfectly within families and spread joy among its people. Aussies are needy, but they also want to see happiness around them. They are protective and like to be by their owner’s side at all times. Australian Shepherds are known as one of the cuddliest breeds there are.

The Aussie will love everybody, but still, there’s always be one human that will be his favorite. When not around their humans, Aussies develop anxiety. If left alone, they might excessively bark or behave destructively. Although this sounds scary, you can still leave your dog alone for up to 6 hours at a time.

This dog requires to be loved but will also give back love. Australian Shepherds do everything they can to please their owners. Do you need them to run an errand? No problem. The Aussie will happily comply. These dogs are happiest when they have some work to do.

Besides work, Aussies love to play. Flyball, Frisbee, catch, hide and seek, logic games, you name it, the Aussie will play. They are also excellent running or hiking companions. Your Aussie will even go swimming with you. To sum it up, these dogs will do anything to make you happy.

10 Signs Your Australian Shepherd Loves You

10 Signs Your Australian Shepherd Loves You

Scientists have been conducting studies on dog behavior for a couple of decades. Since dogs cannot talk, understanding their body language is quite challenging. However, there are signs that help understands what a dog feels.

With love being a common emotion for Australian Shepherds, we’ve conducted a list of 10 signs your Aussie Shepherd loves you:

1. It follows you around

You go from room to room, and your Aussie follows you? You go outside, and there it is, being your second shadow? Even though this might be annoying, your Aussie pup loves you is an obvious sign. 

It matters now if you need your Aussie to follow you or not. Dogs have no sense of personal space. They don’t care if you want to be alone. If your Australian Shepherd loves you, it will be close to you at all times. 

Aussies are known as Velcro dogs. If the name does not explain enough, it’s a dog that will never leave your side. If you happen to be their favorite human, get ready for having a furry stalker. 

2. After meal cuddling 

Australian Shepherds are selfless beings. They want to show they love you at all times. Cuddling is one way they do that. Also, cuddling causes their clever brains to produce endorphins. But the reason they do it right after a meal will leave you speechless. 

When your Aussie comes to you for a cuddle after they just ate, it’s just to show you that they don’t only see you as a food provider. Your dog wants to let you know it will love you even if you don’t feed it. It is amazing how honest and pure Australian Shepherds are. 

3. Aussie goes through your laundry 

Do not get angry if you see your Aussie Shepherd sleeping on your clothes. If your dog goes through your laundry, it means it loves you. It loves the smell you left on the attire, and it’s simply enjoying it. 

4. When you arrive home, your Aussie Shepherd goes nuts

If your Australian Shepherd gets crazy once you come back from work, it is a sign of love. You’ve been out, and your dog missed you. Dogs are like children; they cannot hide their emotions. Your pup will run towards you, jump you, lick your face. It is all showing that the Aussie is pleased and excited. Its human is back. 

You being near to your Aussie is very healthy for the dog. The Aussie’s stress level significantly decreases when their owner is with them. This works both ways, so you will notice the positive impact of your dog’s love too. 

5. Synchronized yawning

Your dog yawns at the same time as you? As in humans, contagious yawning is a sign of empathy. Recent studies have shown that the same rules apply to dogs and humans. So, if your Australian Shepherd yawns when you’re yawning, it means there’s a strong bond between the two of you. 

6. Aussie brings you its favorite toy 

As we already said, Australian Shepherds are selfless. However, there is one exception: their toys are not something they like to share. Your Aussie’s favorite toy is sacred. So, if this toy was brought to you, your dog trusts you and offers you a gift. If sharing something you adore does not show love, we don’t know what does. 

7. Eye gazing

10 Signs Your Australian Shepherd Loves You

It is a shame Australian Shepherds cannot talk. Imagine if they could express their love with words. However, they still find ways to tell us they love us. One of those ways is eye gazing. 

If your Aussie stares in your eyes, it means it adores you. They feel happy and calm when doing it. Plus, it creates a bond that will last forever, making both the owner and the dog cheery. 

8. Tail wagging

Your Aussie’s tail will tell you lots of things. Whether it’s fear, happiness, aggression, or something else, the tail’s position is always a sign. However, if you see your Aussie wagging its tail, it is an expression of love. 

Tail wagging is one of the non-verbal ways of communication for dogs. Reading the tail’s position is one of the essential things an Aussie owner should know. However, many Australian Shepherds have their tails docked, while some are born with natural bobtails. This might make reading the signs difficult. 

9. Raised eyebrows 

This is a facial expression that your Aussie will only do when you’re looking at it. Dogs don’t use facial expressions when looking at other dogs. Pay attention to your Aussie’s face. Raised eyebrows mean love and affection. 

10. Aussie lets you touch its head

Many dogs resent being patted on the head.; they interpret this as a threat. There are plenty of places on their bodies they will let you touch, but the top of the head is unique. So, if your dog allows you to feel the top of its head, you are the one human the Australian Shepherd honestly loves. 

Does My Dog Know I Love Him?

There’s no definitive answer to this question since dog love is a complex and mysterious thing. But, as with most things in life, the answer likely lies somewhere in the middle.

On the one hand, dogs are very good at reading human body language and emotions. They can sense when we’re upset or angry, for example, and they often react accordingly. So it’s fair to say that dogs do understand some level of what we’re feeling.

On the other hand, dogs don’t necessarily attach the same emotional meaning to our words and actions that we do. For example, when we say “I love you” to our dog, he may not understand that we’re expressing our feelings for him. He may just think we’re telling him to do something (like come inside, or sit down).

In the end, it’s impossible to know exactly what goes on in a dog’s mind. But we can make some educated guesses based on their behavior and body language. So, in short, the answer to this question is yes and no – dogs do understand some of what we’re saying and feeling, but they don’t necessarily attach the same meaning to our words and actions that we do.

If you want to know how much your dog loves you, the best way is to watch his behavior and look for signs of affection. Some dogs are more demonstrative than others, but typically, a dog who loves its owner will be very attentive and always happy to see them. He may also show his love in other ways, such as by wagging his tail vigorously, licking your face, or jumping up to greet you. So if you’re looking for concrete proof that your dog loves you, just look for these kinds of behaviors. And remember that no matter what, your dog always loves you – it just might not be in the same way that you love him.

Do dogs feel love when you pet them?

The answer to this question is a little complicated. Some people believe that dogs do feel love when they are petted, while others believe that the dog is simply responding to the positive reinforcement they receive from being petted.

Studies on this topic are inconclusive, but it seems likely that dogs do experience some form of emotional response when they are petted. This response may not be exactly the same as what humans experience, but it is likely that dogs do feel something positive when they are petted. For many dog owners, this is enough reason to continue petting their pets!

There are many other reasons to pet your dog, aside from the possible love connection. Dog owners often report that their dogs seem to enjoy being petted and will lean into the petting or even put their heads on their owner’s laps.

This shows that dogs do not simply tolerate being petted, but actually seem to enjoy it. Petting a dog can also be a great way to calm them down in stressful situations. For example, if your dog is anxious about fireworks, you can pet them and talk softly to them to help calm them down.

In conclusion, there is no definitive answer to the question of whether or not dogs feel love when they are petted. However, there is evidence that suggests that they do experience some form of positive emotion, which is likely why so many dog owners find it enjoyable to pet their pets.

Petting a dog can also have many other benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety. So if you enjoy petting your dog, there is no reason not to continue doing it!

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