Are Cane Corso Hyper? (Explained!)

Do you have a Cane Corso? If so, you may be wondering if your dog is hyper. It’s a common question that many owners of this Italian mastiff breed have.

In this blog post, we will explore the truth about Cane Corsos and whether or not they are hyper. We’ll also provide tips on how to handle any potential hyperactivity issues. So, if you’re curious about this popular breed of dog, keep reading!

Are Cane Corso Hyper?

Are Cane Corso Hyper

Are Cane Corso hyper? Cane Corso’s are high-energy dogs and are considered to be hyperactive when they are puppies. However, as they grow old and gain more weight, they tend to calm down. Also, introducing obedience training while your Cane Corso is still a young puppy will contribute a great deal to building self-control.

The Cane Corso was originally bred as working dogs and has a lot of energy and drive. However, it’s been a long time since someone has used this dog as a working dog. Nowadays, the Cane Corso’s are a choice for many families that live in apartments, far away from livestock.

Being a high-energy dog doesn’t mean that the Cane Corso is hyper. However, they can easily turn into one of their energy is not channeled properly.

Truth be told, Cane Corso’s are not a suitable choice for families that don’t go out. If you sit all day inside the house, your dog might become hyper as they will not know what to do with the energy they have. They require a certain amount of exercise throughout the day in order to get exhausted.

If you find out that your Cane Corso is hyper for no reason, you might want to increase physical activity as it can reduce this problem. Hyper dogs tend to channel the extra energy into chewing and destroying things around the house.

Cane Corso puppies can suffer from hyper behavior if they don’t get the required amount of exercise. Mental stimulation is as important as physical stimulation. They are highly intelligent dogs and because of this, they require mental stimulation as well.

There are many activities and toys that can provide plenty of stimulation, both physical and mental, in order to exhaust your Cane Corso.

How Can I Help My Hyper Cane Corso Calm Down?

How can I help my Cane Corso calm down? A tired dog is a good dog. Make sure you are walking or running your Cane Corso at least twice a day, and if possible, add in some playtime as well. If you have a backyard, letting your Cane Corso run around off-leash is also a great way to tire them out. Another way to help calm your Cane Corso down is through obedience training. This will not only teach your dog basic manners and commands, but it will also give them something to focus on and tire their brain out.

Cane Corso doesn’t get hyper for no reason. These are intelligent dogs and it means that there is a reason behind their hyper behavior. However, the first step into solving this problem is by ignoring it. Try to find the reason why they are becoming hyper but do not react to their hyperactivity.

Then, try and find something for them to do. This would be a job or some fun activity that both of you can do it.

Channeling negative behaviors such as hyperactivity into something positive is what your Cane Corso needs.

Like I said before, they were originally bred as working dogs. So, try to find them a job to do. Keep their minds occupied and their bodies exhausted. A tired Cane Corso won’t turn hyper for sure. A friend of mine takes his Cane Corso into the park and just throws his favorite ball 50 times. The Cane Corso went and retrieved the ball each time.

Make sure that you channel their hyperactivity into physical or mental activity in order for them to get exhausted. After that, they will not have the energy to manifest their hyperactive behavior.

How Can I Avoid Getting My Cane Corso Hyper?

How can I avoid getting my Cane Corso hyper? Keeping your Cane Corso entertained and making sure they are getting enough exercise each day can help avoid ending up with a hyper dog. Like all dogs, Cane Corso can easily get bored and start manifesting negative behaviors like hyperactivity.

When I am bored, I just like to lay down. But, when a dog is bored or needs attention, they will start to chew things and cause damage in the household for the sole reason of either entertaining themselves or getting your attention.

The best way to avoid having hyperactive Cane Corso is to keep them exercised both mentally and physically. A dog that isn’t given enough attention or exercise is more likely to become destructive and have behavioral problems.

Having a lot of exciting toys and activities planned will reduce the chance of your Cane Corso becoming bored. The toys need to be able to stimulate the dog both mentally and physically.

For example, if your Cane Corso and your kids are playing in the backyard, eventually they will get bored. The key is to provide some fun activity before they get bored. I was thinking something like taking them for a hike or just introducing a new game to keep them all busy.

Leaving your Cane Corso home alone for too long can cause negative behavior such as hyperactivity. They would love to spend more time with their pet parents. Without their loved ones around, they can behave badly at times.

If you have to travel for work a lot, it is best if you hire a trusted caregiver. This person has to keep your Cane Corso active both mentally and physically so they don’t end up being hyper.

Do Cane Corso’s ever calm down?

Every dog is different, and while some Cane Corsos may calm down as they age, others may stay high energy their whole lives. If you’re thinking of getting a Cane Corso, make sure you’re prepared for a dog with lots of energy.

Cane Corsos are bred as working dogs, and they have the energy to match. They were originally used for hunting large game like wild boar, and today they excel in agility, obedience, and protection sports. If you want a couch potato of a dog, the Cane Corso is not for you. But if you’re looking for an active partner to join you on hikes, runs, and other adventures, they could be the perfect fit.

The best way to ensure that your Cane Corso will be a good fit for your lifestyle is to do your research before you get one. Talk to experienced Cane Corso owners, breeders, and trainers to get an idea of what living with one of these dogs is really like.

And remember, no matter how much research you do, every dog is an individual so there’s no guarantee that yours will be exactly like anyone else’s.

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