Can a Cane Corso Be Kept Outside? (Answered!)

A Cane Corso can be a great pet for the right family, but one of the first decisions you will need to make is whether to keep your Cane Corso outdoors or indoors. This is an important decision, as it will determine a lot about how your dog lives and what type of personality he develops.

In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of keeping a Cane Corso outdoors vs. indoors, so that you can make the best decision for your pet!

Can a Cane Corso Be Kept Outside?

Can a Cane Corso Be Kept Outside

Can a Cane Corso be kept outside? No. The Cane Corso is not a good candidate for living outdoors full-time. This breed does best when it lives inside with its family and has access to regular exercise. Most importantly, the Cane Corso is not built for cold weather. This breed has a short coat that does not provide enough insulation against the cold.

Let’s be honest for a second here. It is generally not a great idea to leave any dog outside all day and night. If you need to run to the store real quick, or you are just cleaning your house and don’t want your Cane Corso to breathe in all the chemicals, then it is fine. I have a friend that is scared of dogs. So, whenever we go and visit our other friends, they let their dogs outside so my friend isn’t scared.

However, you shouldn’t let your Cane Corso live outside. This is not healthy for them. Plus, the constant barking will annoy your neighbors. It is harder to keep an eye on their food and water supply when they live outside. If it gets hot, there is a danger of possible heat stroke as they can drink all their water and be left with none. There is a chance they run out of food too.

Overall, if you live your Cane Corso outside by themselves all day long, they will get bored. As I like to say, a bored dog is a bad dog. If they don’t have mental stimulation, they will become very bored and will turn to bad behavior. This will include digging up holes, destroying plants, chasing squirrels, etc. They can easily become ”wild”.

Why Do Cane Corso Owners Keep Them Outside All Day?

Can a Cane Corso Be Kept Outside

There are a lot of reasons why a Cane Corso owner might want to keep their dogs outside. Although Cane Corso has a short coat, they are still shedding during the springtime. This might be the reason why some pet parents choose to keep their pets outside. It may make their homes a little bit cleaner, but it is not the best idea.

Another reason why pet parents may choose to keep their Cane Corso outside is their destructive behavior. If a Cane Corso is in the phase of their lives when they are still learning how to behave, you might come home only to see everything being chewed and torn apart.

In other cases, some Cane Corso parents might feel bad for keeping their dogs inside all the time. They might be off to work and don’t want their dog to be locked inside the house for eight hours. In these cases, they decide to leave the dog outside.

I strongly recommend not to leave your Cane Corso outside alone. This will only promote bad behavior. It is fine to leave them outside for an hour and even then check how they are doing. But, leaving them outside all day is not a great idea.

Negatives of Keeping Your Cane Corso Outside

While letting your Cane Corso outside for a bathroom break is not bad, keeping them outside day and night can be very bad for them. There are a lot of bad behaviors that will present when a dog is left unattended. Then, there are the possible health issues. I came up with a list of the negatives of keeping your Cane Corso outside:

Weather conditions

The Cane Corso is not built for cold weather. This breed has a short coat that does not provide much insulation against the cold. In addition, the Cane Corso does not have a lot of body fat to help keep it warm in colder climates. For these reasons, it’s best to keep your Cane Corso inside where it’s warm and comfortable. Cane Corso can get too hot or too cold depending on the weather outside. If it’s extremely hot or extremely cold can both be hard on your dog, especially if they are outside all day.

Lack of water and food

It is easy for a dog to be left without water and food. This doesn’t mean that you will forget to bring them water and food. No, this means that they can easily tip over the food and water bowl and you won’t notice. And you know that you just brought them food and water and the next refill is due in five or six hours.

Need human interaction

The Cane Corso is very social and needs human interaction to thrive. This breed forms strong bonds with its family and does not do well when left alone for long periods of time. If you’re gone all day, your Cane Corso will likely become bored and destructive. A bored Cane Corso might start digging a hole under the fence in order to escape the boredom.

Health issues

The Cane Corso is prone to health problems that can be made worse by living outdoors. This breed is susceptible to hip dysplasia, a condition that can be exacerbated by cold weather and lack of exercise. In addition, the Cane Corso is also prone to heatstroke, so it’s important to keep this breed cool and out of the sun during hot summer months.

No mental stimulation

Unless you have a backyard with water slides, mazes, and lots of other pets, the Cane Corso won’t have mental stimulation. They will become bored very fast.

They could turn into loud barkers

The Cane Corso won’t like the idea to be outside alone for days. They can easily turn into loud barkers to get attention. The barking can annoy both you and the neighbors.

What Weather is Best For Cane Corso?

Can a Cane Corso Be Kept Outside

For Cane Corso, the best weather is moderate. They can handle hot and cold weather but prefer moderate temperatures. If it gets too hot or too cold, they may become uncomfortable or even sick. So if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, it’s important to take extra care of your Cane Corso.

Assuming you don’t live in an area with extreme weather conditions, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to the best weather for your Cane Corso.

First, they love the sun and enjoy basking in its warm rays. However, they can also get sunburned easily so be sure to provide them with plenty of shade and sunscreen when they’re outdoors.

Second, they enjoy swimming and playing in the water so hot summer days are the perfect time to take them to the beach or pool. Just be sure they’re always well hydrated and not overdoing it in the heat.

So overall, moderate weather is best for Cane Corso. But as long as you take some extra precautions in extreme conditions, they can handle just about anything Mother Nature throws their way.

Do Cane Corsos Do Well in The Heat?

Cane Corsos are definitely a heat-resistant breed, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need some extra care in the summertime. Their short coats make them more prone to heat exhaustion than other breeds, so it’s important to keep an eye on them when the temperatures start to rise.

Here are a few tips for keeping your Cane Corso cool and comfortable in the summer months:

  • Provide plenty of fresh water and shade. A dog house is a great way to provide shade, but be sure to put it in a cool, shady spot.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise in the hottest part of the day. It’s important to be mindful of their exercise schedule during the hotter months. While they are a heat-resistant breed, their short coats make them more susceptible to heat exhaustion than other breeds. It’s best to walk them in cooler, shaded areas and avoid strenuous exercise during the hottest part of the day.
  • Keep an eye on your dog for signs of heat exhaustion, such as excessive panting or drooling, lethargy, and vomiting. If you see any of these signs, get your dog to a cool area right away and give him some water to drink.

By following these simple tips, you can help your Cane Corso stay cool and comfortable all summer long!

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