Can Great Danes Be Left Alone? (Answered!)

Great Danes are known as one of the most independent dog breeds out there. They’re often portrayed as being able to take care of themselves and not need a lot of human interaction. But is this really true?

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at whether or not Great Danes can be left alone, and what you need to do if you’re planning on leaving your Dane home alone for an extended period of time.

Can Great Danes Be Left Alone?

Can Great Danes Be Left Alone

Can Great Danes be left alone? Generally speaking, Great Danes prefer the company of humans above all else and won’t enjoy being left alone all day. They are social and friendly, which indicates that leaving them at home alone is not a good idea. The Great Dane enjoys lounging on the couch and taking short walks with the owner. Unfortunately, Great Danes are prone to separation anxiety and may become destructive if left alone for an extended period.

When I bought my first Great Dane, I was amused that I would have company and security within my compound. However, as time passed, I realized that my massive Great Dane would be upset if I left him alone, even for short periods. So I began teaching him the value of being alone, and he is now doing well.

Danes are unmistakably different. They can be highly needy, require a lot of attention, and have medical requirements. Therefore, it would be beneficial if you supervised them. Ensure you clean up after them, pay close attention, and rearrange your schedule to accommodate their needs.

Ensure you put in the effort required to own a Dane before deciding to bring one home. Do your homework and be responsible. Every Dane is entitled to the best!

The importance of training is one of the most critical things to understand when owning a Dane. Danes are large dogs, and as a Dane owner, you should enroll your dog in training classes.

Although training your dog at home can be beneficial, training with a qualified dog trainer is a much better option. In addition, adoption contracts may include a requirement for obedience training.

How Many Hours Can You Leave Great Danes Alone At Home?

How many hours can you leave Great Danes alone at home? Great Danes shouldn’t be left alone at home for more than six hours. However, the amount of time you should leave your Dane alone depends on various factors. You will discover that puppies have different bathroom needs than full-grown Danes. When your puppy is three months old, they can usually hold it for an hour for every month they’ve lived. Dogs can generally hold their pee for up to six hours after six months of age.

I usually leave my Great Dane alone for no more than six hours. However, I check on him at specific intervals. I’ve given him adequate training on the value of solitude, so he’s pretty comfortable being alone for six hours, but no more than that. However, I recommend that you train your Great Dane before leaving him alone.

While you would like to spend as much time with your pet, this is not always possible. It is pretty hard with work, family, and school responsibilities. But how do you get your puppy ready to be alone? How long should a puppy be left alone? When you first bring your puppy home, likely, they’ve never been alone. So, if you want to teach your dog to be alone, start by teaching them while you’re still at home.

While puppies require constant attention, they will eventually learn to be content alone for an eight-hour workday. Similarly, older dogs appear to do well at home alone while their owners are away at work or other functions.

Senior dogs may require more frequent walks. So, going home for lunch or having someone come by to let the dog out may be necessary. Dogs are social animals and shouldn’t be confined in kennels or chained outside.

Do Great Danes Have Separation Anxiety?

No, not all Great Danes have separation anxiety. While Great Danes are social animals that do enjoy the company of their humans, they are also relatively independent. This means that they don’t necessarily need to be with their people all the time and can often be left alone without experiencing any separation anxiety.

However, it’s important to consider each individual dog when making the decision to leave them alone. Some Great Danes may have separation anxiety or other issues that make being away from their humans difficult. In these cases, it’s best to consult with a veterinarian or animal behaviorist to find out if leaving the dog alone is the right decision.

Overall, Great Danes are typically pretty independent dogs that can handle being left alone for short periods of time. However, it’s always important to consider the individual dog’s personality and needs before making a final decision.

Is A Great Dane Good If Left Alone?

The truth is that Great Danes are not particularly independent dogs. They are actually quite needy and require a lot of attention and care. This means that they should not be left alone for long periods of time, as they will likely become bored and destructive.

If you do need to leave your Great Dane alone, make sure to provide them with plenty of toys and chews to keep them occupied, and consider hiring a dog sitter or taking them to doggy daycare. With the right amount of love and attention, your Great Dane can be a happy and well-adjusted member of the family.

Except on weekends, when I give my Great Dane my undivided attention, I leave him alone every day for a couple of hours. I’ve also found ways to keep him entertained, such as giving him chew toys and avoiding possible stressors. Please train your dog in various areas before leaving him at home alone.

When he’s left alone, he doesn’t fare well. So, please expose your puppy to the outside world more frequently than most other breeds; This way, the puppy will develop confidence and promote a stable temperament.

Some Great Danes get along well with other animals, while others are dominant and pushy. Obedience training is essential because he is so large and can be bossy if not appropriately trained. However, Great Danes are also very sensitive and should be trained cheerfully. Harshness merely confuses and distrusts them.

Great Danes drool, salivate, and lumber around in an aggressive manner. They are not suitable for picky housekeepers or those who lack a sense of humor. Puppy Great Danes can be so lively and amaze you with the amount of energy they carry around while play6ing; this may make them pretty destructive.

Can You Leave a Great Dane Puppy Alone at Home?

Yes, you can leave a Great Dane puppy alone at home but for no more than a few hours. The answer to this question largely depends on the individual puppy. Some puppies are quite independent and can entertain themselves for short periods of time, while others may become anxious or lonely if left alone. For most Great Dane puppies, it is generally recommended that they not be left alone for more than a few hours at a time until they reach adulthood.

If you must leave your puppy alone for extended periods, consider hiring a dog walker or taking them to doggy daycare. Puppies need plenty of socialization and human interaction in order to thrive, so the more time they can spend with people, the better.

Six months elapsed before I decided to leave my puppy Dane alone. If I don’t say goodbye and be a good boy, he’ll wine until I do. When I get home, I’ll say hello. You’ve been a good boy, haven’t you?

Then I go for a walk around to see if he’s gotten into anything. If everything goes well, he will be rewarded. However, when he does get into something, he will hide and act very shy.

3 Methods To Train Your Dane Puppy Stay Alone at Home


If you intend to leave your puppy alone at home, confining him to a specific area may benefit. However, if the space is too small for the puppy to play in, this may not work. Puppies are very energetic and require a lot of room to play. As a result, if you decide to use a crate, make sure it is large enough to accommodate the puppy.


Find something to keep your puppy occupied while you are away. I recommend using chew toys to help him play without feeling alone. Alternatively, you can smear peanut butter on the inside of meaty bones and give it to me; believe me, it works like magic.

Get rid of stressors

If there are a lot of stressors around, young dogs will immediately realize they are alone; removing such stressors will do them a lot of good. For example, close the windows and remove other stressors such as sound from the surrounding area if necessary. As a result, your puppy will remain calm until you return from work.


If you don’t know how your dog will react, leaving them alone for a long time can cause anxiety, problem barking, and a lot of stress. So, can Great Danes be left alone?

One of the drawbacks of leaving your Great Dane alone is that you have no idea how your dog is doing. Is your pet content with their solitude and patiently awaiting your return? Are they irritated?

Training your Great Dane will enable you to adapt to being left alone.

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