How Do You Entertain a Leopard Gecko? 4 Fun Ideas

A lot of pet parents ask how do you entertain a leopard gecko? It’s a fair question. Should you use a hamster ball or something similar? Let me just start by saying that you shouldn’t use any toys that are not reptile-approved.

In this blog post, I am going to talk about some creative ways to keep your Leopard Gecko entertain. It is nothing dramatic, but these simple changes will make sure your pet lizard is happy and healthy.

How Do You Entertain a Leopard Gecko

How Do You Entertain a Leopard Gecko

Leopard geckos are interesting creatures that can be fun to watch and interact with. If you have one as a pet, it is important to know how to keep them entertained. Here are some ideas on how to entertain a Leopard Gecko:

1. Let them hunt down their food

How Do You Entertain a Leopard Gecko

The one basic thing we can do that can mentally and physically stimulate our Leopard Geckos is to allow them to hunt down their food. In the wild, Leopard Geckos would have to find and hunt down their food. They are opportunistic hunters and if they see an insect, they are going for it. Although in captivity, food dishes can be helpful for keeping the food in one place, it is better if you get them moving around and hunting.

Leopard Geckos are less intelligent than cats and dogs so they do not require a lot of mental stimulation.

Insects like locusts and crickets are fairly fast and your Leopard Gecko will have to work a little bit to deserve his meal. However, mealworms or waxworms are a bit slower so you might want to place them in different locations throughout the tank. Just place one worm in one corner of the tank and as soon as your Leopard Gecko finds it, place another in the opposite corner.

So, get your Leopard Geckos entertained by hunting down their food and providing them a little bit of adrenaline rush.

2. Make their tanks entertaining

How Do You Entertain a Leopard Gecko

Depending on your Leopard geckos’ age, they may not be fed every day. So, how do you keep them entertained on days when they don’t hunt down their food? Make their tanks entertaining. Your Leopard Gecko won’t acknowledge whether or not they have an expensive water dish or some other stuff, but they will really appreciate some places to hide, climb, and dig.


Climbing is very important for a Leopard Gecko. In the wild, they climb every day in search of food and places to hide. They don’t need anything drastic like a boreal lizard, nor do they require tanks with massive tree stumps to climb. But, giving your Leopard gecko an arrange of things to climb like hides, driftwood rocks, or even fake rocks will contribute to their physical enrichment and will keep them entertained as they explore different aspects of their tanks.


Every Leopard Gecko requires at least three hiding places. This is a place where they will feel safe and secure, otherwise, they’ll always be on the edge. If you want to see for yourself how much a hiding place is important for your Leopard Gecko try to spook them and just observe how fast they will go into their hiding spot and calm down.


Providing your Leopard Gecko a substrate that they can move will keep them entertained. You can choose one section of your Gecko’s tank and put some earth mix arid or eco earth. Leopard Geckos like to dig. They usually dig when they are laying eggs, but they can also dig to create tunnels and create new safe spots.

3. Handle your Leopard Gecko

How Do You Entertain a Leopard Gecko

Handling your Leopard gecko is another great way to keep them entertained. Plus, they will be bonding with you in the process. For starters, I would just let my Gecko walk on my arm or hand. I wouldn’t put them on the floor because they can easily get spooked and hide.

You can also place your Leopard Gecko on the bed. Just make sure there are no places where they can fall off. Also, make sure there are no other pets nearby that could spook or even attack them. This is a great way for their physical and mental stimulation as they are out exploring and exercising.

4. Get an UVA lamp for their tank

Getting a UVA lamp for your Leopard Gecko (from a decent brand) allows them to see colors and patterns different from us as they have an extra dimension to their vision. Plus, they also tend to have higher activity levels. Meaning, your Leopard Gecko will hunt better and be more inclined to bask and breed when a UVA is present.

It’s kind of interesting when you introduce a UVA to your Leopard Gecko. You kind of unlock this feature in a Geckos vision that they usually have in the wild, but not in captivity. It is the same as bringing color back into your Leopard Gecko’s life. (here are some cool UVA lamps on

How Do I Know if My Gecko is Happy?

Leopard geckos are such amazing creatures and I absolutely love mine! Here are ten signs that your Leopard Gecko is happy and healthy:

  • She has a healthy appetite and eats her food with gusto.
  • Her skin is shiny and she doesn’t have any lesions or bumps.
  • Her eyes are bright and clear, and she has no discharge around them.
  • She has a nice fat tail, which is an indication of good health in leopard geckos.
  • She is active and alert, running around her enclosure and climbing on things.
  • She basks under her heat lamp to stay warm.
  • She sheds her skin regularly, in one piece.
  • She uses the bathroom regularly, and her feces are normal in appearance.
  • She is social with me and allows me to handle her frequently.

All of these signs indicate that your leopard gecko is happy and healthy! If you notice any of these things with your own leopard gecko, then you can be sure that they’re doing well too.

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