How Much Exercise Do Cane Corso Puppies Need? (Explained!)

If you are the proud new owner of a Cane Corso puppy, then congratulations! This is a beautiful breed of dog that is sure to bring you many years of companionship and love. As with any new puppy, there are some things you will need to know in order to provide the best possible care for your little one. The most commonly asked question is how much exercise do Cane Corso puppies need.

In this article, we will discuss how much exercise Cane Corso puppies need and provide you with an ultimate guide to keeping your pup happy and healthy!

How Much Exercise Do Cane Corso Puppies Need?

How Much Exercise Do Cane Corso Puppies Need

How much exercise do Cane Corso puppies need? Cane Corso puppies need one to two walks a day lasting 20 to 40 minutes each, as well as up to an hour of running each day. The exact amount of their exercise needs will depend on their age and energy levels. A daily exercise will contribute to the proper development of your Cane Corso and make sure it grows into a happy and healthy adult.

Failure to provide enough exercise can result in destructive behavior and obesity. Poorly exercised Cane Corsos may also become aggressive if not given an outlet for their energy. It is important to start providing your puppy with enough exercise from an early age, so they will continue to need it as they grow older.

When you start exercising your Cane Corso puppy, you should make their physical preparation slow and gradual. Start with gentle low impact activities such as short walks interspersed with periods of rest. Your Cane Corso puppy will become progressively stronger and will eventually be able to incorporate new exercises such as running.

The benefits of physical exercise for a Cane Corso puppy don’t depend on a mind or intensity but on consistency. Exercise should be part of a healthy routine accompanied by a balanced diet and adequate preventive medicine.

Exercising excessively is a risk to the pup’s health. Bear in mind that your Cane Corso puppy will also need sufficient sleep and rest to grow up healthy and happy. Excessive physical activity can negatively impact their joints, accelerating the wear and tear of their yet-to-be-developed bodies. Large dogs such as the Cane Corso can suffer from degenerative musculoskeletal diseases if over-exercised.

How long should you walk a Cane Corso puppy?

How Much Exercise Do Cane Corso Puppies Need

How long should you walk a Cane Corso puppy depends on how old they are and how much energy they have. Cane Corso puppies under four months old shouldn’t be walked for more than five minutes at a time. This is because their little legs can get tired and they need lots of rest. As Cane Corso puppies get older, you can gradually increase the length of their walks. By the time they’re six months old, most Cane Corsos puppies can handle walks that are up to 30 minutes long.

Remember to always go at your Cane Corso puppy’s pace – if they want to stop and take a break, let them! And always keep an eye on them if they overheat or seem to be getting too tired.

If you are thinking of taking your Cane Corso puppy on a long walk, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, make sure that the weather is not too hot or too cold. Cane Corso puppies can get overheated or dehydrated very easily, so it is important to take breaks often and have plenty of water available. Secondly, be aware of your puppy’s energy levels. If they start to flag, it is time to head back home.

How much do Cane Corso puppies run?

How much do Cane Corso puppies run? Cane Corso puppies younger than four months should run between 5 and 15 minutes every day. Four to six months old Cane Corso puppies should run around 15 to 25 minutes every day. Six to twelve months old Cane Corso puppies should run between 25 and 60 minutes every day.

Cane Corso puppies love to run and play. They are always on the go, and they need plenty of exercises. A good way to tire out a Cane Corso puppy is to take him for long walks or runs. Make sure you keep an eye on your puppy, though, as he can easily become overexerted.

Puppy running is a great way to get your pup in shape, too! Just be careful not to overdo it – start off slow and work your way up to longer distances as your pup gets older and stronger.

Like everything about dogs, you should take their exercise gradually as well. You shouldn’t just start your Cane Corso puppy training with an hour of running. It just won’t happen. Start slowly with five minutes of running and slowly increase the amount. Cane Corso puppies are muscular and they will build stamina with time.

How To Tire Out Your Cane Corso Puppy

Tiring out your Cane Corso puppy is really important and it’s going to help you out because it will stop them from being destructive in the house. Here are 3 ways to tire out your Cane Corso puppy.

1. Obedience training

Obedience training is super good because you may not be actively working your Cane Corso puppy, but you are working them mentally. You can do loads of different things such as sits, downs, place, rollover, and learning new tricks.

Obedience training is going to push them really hard with their mental stimulation and that is a great thing to do it’s going to tire your Cane Corso puppy out. At the end of the obedience training, your puppy can have a long rest and you can get on with whatever you need to do.

2. Change the way they eat

It might sound strange and you might be thinking how changing the way my Cane Corso puppy eats will tire him? Bear with me. A foraging mat(check prices on is a great way to feed your Cane Corso Puppy.

Cane Corso puppies are very food-driven. So, slowing down their eating is an amazing thing to do. It helps them with bloating. But, you might be asking how is this going to tire out my puppy? When you just put a bowl in front of your Cane Corso puppy, they can walk through it in no time.

However, if you use a forging mat, you can dig all the kibble bits in different places and they will really have to work hard to get all the food. They’re gonna have to smell and work things out and it will really mentally drain them to find that food.

3. Play good old fetch

Exercises number one and number two are more to do with mentally draining your Cane Corso puppy which is a great thing to do. But, how do we actively drain our puppies? A good old game of fetch is a really nice way to tire out your Cane Corso puppy. It is not just throwing a stick. You can spice things up by getting them to sit, or lay down before throwing the stick.

Having a tire-out puppy is a blessing. This means that you can have a very relaxed evening while your Cane Corso puppy sleeps.

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