How Often Do Pomeranians Pee? (Answered!)

Do you have a Pomeranian? If so, you may be wondering how often they pee. It’s definitely something that people think about when they are considering adding a Pomeranian to their family! In this comprehensive guide, we will answer all of your questions about how often Pomeranians pee. So, whether you are just curious or are actually planning to get a Pomeranian, read on for all the information you need!

How Often Do Pomeranians Pee?

How Often Do Pomeranians Pee

How often do Pomeranians pee? On average, adult Pomeranians only need to pee once every six to eight hours whereas a puppy Pomeranian has to pee approximately every two hours. Of course how much Pomeranians pee depends on many factors including how much water they drink, how active they are, and whether or not they are potty trained.

Pomeranians are small dogs and as a result, they do not need to go outside as often as other breeds of dogs to pee. However, there is no set rule and some Pomeranians may need to go outside more frequently than others.

If you have an adult Pomeranian and are unsure how often your dog needs to pee, it is best to watch your dog’s behavior and take them outside when you notice they are starting to get restless. This will help prevent accidents in the house.

Generally, puppies Pomeranians pee about every two hours. However, this can vary depending on how much they drink, the weather, and their age. If your pup has gone a while without peeing, it might be time to take them outside or give them access to their potty area.

If you have a puppy Pomeranian, it’s important to be aware of their bathroom habits and take them outside regularly to pee. This will help them learn where to go and make potty training easier in the long run. Puppy Pomeranians should also be allowed to roam around freely in a designated potty area so they can get used to relieving themselves in that spot. If you’re not home often, consider investing in a doggy litter box so your pup always has a place to go.

How Long Can a Pomeranian Hold Its Bladder?

How Often Do Pomeranians Pee

How long can a Pomeranian hold its bladder? Pomeranians can hold their bladder for an extended period of time, but the length of time depends on the dog’s age. For instance, a three-month-old Pomeranian can only hold its bladder for about two hours, while a six-month-old Pomeranian can hold its bladder for up to five hours. A one-year-old Pomeranian can usually last eight hours before needing to relieve itself. By the time a Pomeranian is four years old, it can typically go up to twelve hours without having to pee.

There are two ways to determine how much pee a pup can handle. The first way is to weigh your Pomeranian and divide their weight by two. If your pup weighs 6 pounds, it can hold up to 3 ounces of urine before needing to pee.

However, I think the second way which is called the ”hour rule” is better. In general, Pomeranians can hold their bladder for one hour every month they are old and up to a maximum of twelve hours. So, let me do the math:

  • Month old Pomeranian can hold its bladder for approximately one hour.
  • Two-month-old Pomeranian can hold its bladder for approximately two hours.
  • Three-month-old Pomeranian can hold its bladder for approximately three hours.
  • Four-month-old Pomeranian can hold its bladder for approximately four hours.
  • Five-month-old Pomeranian can hold its bladder for approximately five hours.
  • Six-month-old Pomeranian can hold its bladder for approximately six hours.
  • Seven-month-old Pomeranian can hold its bladder for approximately seven hours.
  • Eight-month-old Pomeranian can hold its bladder for approximately eight hours.
  • Nine-month-old Pomeranian can hold its bladder for approximately nine hours.
  • Ten-month-old Pomeranian can hold its bladder for approximately ten hours.
  • Eleven-month-old Pomeranian can hold its bladder for approximately eleven hours.
  • Twelve-month-old Pomeranian can hold its bladder for approximately twelve hours.

Why Do Pomeranians Pee So Much?

How Often Do Pomeranians Pee

Why do Pomeranians pee so much? There are a few reasons why your Pomeranian may be peeing a lot, including dehydration, excessive drinking/water intake, UTI, diabetes, kidney disease, Cushing’s disease, and pregnancy. However, if your Pomeranian is healthy and has none of the above medical conditions, simply limiting their water intake can reduce the number of times they pee during the day.

Urinating is the body’s way of getting rid of excess fluid, so if your dog is drinking and peeing more than usual, it’s likely because they’re trying to compensate for the extra fluid by getting rid of it through their urine. If you’re concerned about your Pomeranian’s excessive urination, it’s best to take them to the vet so they can get checked out and determine if there’s an underlying health issue causing it.

There are a few different things that could be causing your Pomeranian to pee more than usual, and some of them are pretty common. For example, older dogs often start drinking and urinating more because their kidneys aren’t working as well as they used to, and diabetes can also cause excessive urination. Other potential causes include bladder infections, kidney stones, and even prostate problems in male dogs.

If your Pomeranian is healthy, there are a few things you can do to help reduce the number of times he or she pees throughout the day. One way to do this is by limiting your dog’s water intake. Try not to let him or her drink too much water before bedtime, and make sure that all water bowls are emptied after each use. You may also want to consider feeding your dog smaller meals more often throughout the day instead of one large meal. This will help keep your dog’s bladder from filling up as quickly.

How Do You Train a Pomeranian To Pee?

Training a Pomeranian to pee isn’t very hard. However, the process takes up to eight weeks and requires consistency. Here are six easy steps on how to train a Pomeranian to pee:

Step One: Start by housebreaking your Pomeranian in a designated area indoors. This could be an isolated room or section of your home, like the laundry room or garage. The reason why it’s good to start indoors is that puppies are small and can’t walk all the way to the yard.

Step Two: Use positive reinforcement when your dog eliminates in the designated area. Be sure to give them lots of praise, treats, and/or playtime.

Step Three: Gradually move your dog’s bathroom zone outdoors once they are consistently eliminating indoors. Choose an area close to the house at first, before gradually moving farther away.

Step Four: If your Pomeranian has an accident outdoors, do not punish them. Simply clean it up and continue reinforcing good behavior. Punishing a pup for doing something that they don’t know it’s wrong (yet) can only have a negative effect.

Step Five: Be patient! Housebreaking a dog can take time, but with consistency and patience, you will be successful. Rome wasn’t built in one day. I love this expression. I have done this process with three of my dogs. Two of them learned fast, while the third one took his own time.

Step Six: Take your pup to the designated potty area five minutes after they finished eating or drinking. Puppies can’t hold a lot of pee and they usually need to go five to ten minutes after finishing their meal. So, make sure to take them to the potty area and wait for them to finish their business.

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