How To Make Your Dog Feel Safe During a Storm

How To Make Your Dog Feel Safe During a Storm

It’s natural for your dog to become anxious during a storm. The loud noises, flashes of lightning, and heavy rain can be overwhelming and frightening to them. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to help make your pup feel safe and secure during a storm.

How To Make Your Dog Feel Safe During a Storm

How To Make Your Dog Feel Safe During a Storm

To make your dog feel safe during a storm, do this:

  1. Bring your dog inside and close the curtains.
  2. Crate your dog until it initially calms down. In the meanwhile, focus on the other steps.
  3. Create a playground by bringing your pup’s favorite bed, blanket, and a couple of toys.
  4. Play some calming music to help cancel out the sound of the thunders.
  5. Offer your dog their favorite treats.
  6. Play some indoor games such as tug-of-war.
  7. Let your dog sleep in your bed.
  8. Use products such as the Adaptil diffuser to help your dog feel calmer
How To Make Your Dog Feel Safe During a Storm

Should You Comfort a Dog During a Storm?

Yes, you should comfort your dog during a storm. During a storm, it can be challenging to see our furry friends feel scared or anxious. Many owners might reach out to comfort their pup during these moments such as wrapping them in a blanket, rubbing their belly, and talking aloud in a soothing tone.

The fear of storms is actually quite common in dogs. A loud, sudden sound like thunder can be overwhelming and sometimes even painful to their sensitive ears. The ensuing bright flashes of lightning lead to many dogs experiencing intense anxiety response.

Additionally, changes in the barometric pressure associated with storms can greatly unsettle some dogs. Therefore, it’s important when dealing with a storm-phobic dog to remain calm and provide comfort until the storm passes.

Medicating your pet with antidepressant medication or providing hugs and treats should not be the first go-to for every situation. If your dog is extremely distressed during every thunderstorm, it is important to consult your vet for medical advice on how you can best help soothe them.

What Does Storm Anxiety Look Like In Dogs?

Storm anxiety in dogs can manifest in a variety of ways. They may become very jittery and act aggressively towards other animals or objects, sometimes even themselves. They may hide away from the noise and seek out small dark areas like under beds or inside cupboards to find respite from the loud noises.

A dog might pace back and forth, howl uncontrollably, or continually bark at imaginary noises. It’s important to remember that these reactions aren’t their fault. Some breeds of dogs seem to be more prone to storm anxiety than others and this can be both very distressing for pet owners as well as unpleasant for the dog itself.

Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to help reduce fear and stress during storms, including desensitization techniques as well as natural remedies such as herbal extracts that can aid relaxation.

Playing relaxing music inside the house can muffle the sound of thunder while providing your pup with an open space they feel safe and secure in can also be beneficial. Snuggling up or offering treats are great ways to provide some extra comfort and reassurance during the storm.

Additionally, keeping a firm but gentle touch is important whenever calming your dog during turbulent times.

Should I Hug My Dog During a Storm?

Cuddling your canine companion during a thunderstorm has many advantages. Not only does it provide comfort to your pup and make them feel safe, but it can also help reduce their anxiety.

During a storm, your pup may experience increased stress levels due to loud noises or sudden lightning flashes that could startle them. Giving them some extra hugs and cuddles radiates calmness and reassurance that everything is going to be alright!

When we hug our beloved dogs, most of us assume that the feeling is mutual. However, science tells us that there is more than meets the eye when an owner hugs their pup. Dogs have emotions and feelings just like us, and a hug from us can make them feel secure and loved.

Studies have also suggested that when humans interact with a dog in a positive manner such as by hugging or petting, it causes the dog’s brain to release oxytocin – a hormone associated with affection.

Additionally, this physical contact strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend. Hugging your dog during a storm helps build trust in their relationship with you, initiating an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect.

Should I Ignore My Dog During a Thunderstorm?

No, you shouldn’t ignore your dog during a thunderstorm. What they feel is a real fear. Thunderstorms can be incredibly frightening for both people and dogs as an intense combination of loud noises and bright lights often accompany them. As such, it is especially important that during these sorts of storms, pet owners stay with their beloved four-legged friends and offer a calm, reassuring presence.

Many dogs become anxious and scared during a thunderstorm due to the loud noises, flashes of lightning, and feeling of uncertainty they provide. Dogs have heightened senses of danger and storms present an unfamiliarly noisy and explosive environment that can cause panic in many animals.

Additionally, thunderstorms often come with strong wind gusts that can be physically uncomfortable for the pet and make them feel vulnerable. In response to this, dogs may seek out their owners for reassurance or hide in small nooks or closets until the storm passes.

Hugging your dog during a thunderstorm not only goes a long way towards providing the animal with comfort, but it lets them know that they are not alone and helps to prevent otherwise innocent behaviors like destroying furniture or soiling carpets due to fear or distress.

Furthermore, being able to sense human assurance could potentially help prepare your pet for future thunderstorms in the future. So remember, during thunderstorms don’t just leave your pup alone – be there for them!

In Conclusion

To make your dog feel safe during a storm, you need to bring your dog inside and create a calming ambient inside the house by playing some relaxing music. Then, play some games to distract your dog from thinking about the thunderstorm.

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