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Why My Dog Only Listens To My Husband And Not Me



Reviewed By: Dr. Joel Robertson

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If you have a dog that only listens to your husband and not you, you are at the right place.

Dogs are very smart. However, they are more grateful than smart.

This means that your husband is doing all the things for the dog and the dog responds by listening to him.

If you wish to learn exactly why your dog listens to your husband but not you and how you can improve things, read on.

Reasons Why Your Dog Listens To Your Husband and Not You

  • He is the only one doing the training
  • Constantly correcting your dog
  • Enforcing the commands
  • Considers him the pack leader
  • Feeding and exercising
  • Shows more affection towards the dog

Why My Dog Only Listens To My Husband And Not Me

Why My Dog Only Listens To My Husband And Not Me

You don’t need 10 or 15 reasons why your dog only listens to your husband and not you, you just need these six:

1. He is the only one doing the training

When it comes to dogs that seem only to listen to their owner, the answer usually lies in training.

The individual responsible for training their pup usually does so with consistency and dedication; providing positive reinforcement when their pup follows commands or displays desired behaviors while also offering corrective direction when needed.

This fosters a strong bond between pet and owner as well as builds trust and respect between both.

Additionally, the individual who first teaches their pup basic obedience commands and consistently provides consistent guidance often becomes their go-to person for comfort in difficult circumstances due to the special bond formed.

Therefore, these individuals become more likely to trust this particular human than other people because of this special bond.

If you wish your dog to start listening to you more, you should join your husband in the training sessions.

2. Constantly correcting your dog

If a person consistently corrects the dog when it does something incorrectly, the pup will eventually respect that person and obey their authority.

Dogs possess great intelligence and the capacity to learn from their errors.

Furthermore, dogs tend to bond with people who show patience and consistency in training them; this explains why some are more responsive to one particular individual than others.

Nonetheless, all dogs can be taught positively towards different types of people with proper training and reinforcement – it just may take longer for them to build trust outside their primary caregiver or trainer.

3. Enforcing the commands

Dogs tend to listen more attentively if their owner shows that they value them and is willing to put effort into teaching them appropriate manners.

Dogs learn to obey their owner’s commands because they know that this individual takes time to enforce them.

With repetition and consistency, dogs become aware that certain behaviors are expected when their owner gives a command.

Once a command has been obeyed, dogs usually get rewarded with verbal praise, treats, or physical affection.

This positive reinforcement helps dogs remember what is expected of them and reinforces the desired behavior.

Furthermore, consistent enforcement helps prevent bad behaviors from starting in the first place by teaching dogs that certain actions will have consequences.

4. Considers him the pack leader

When a dog forms an attachment with someone, it likely means they have earned their trust and respect by being reliable and consistent – thus becoming their “pack leader”.

Dogs operate in packs, similar to wolves. One animal serves as the leader and all others look up to him or her for guidance and respect.

Although a dog can’t have two pack leaders, he can still respect you enough to start listening to you if you work more with him.

5. Feeding and exercising

Your dog listens to your husband because he is doing all the feeding and exercising.

Dogs need a leader who will provide security, consistency, and boundaries.

This person usually establishes themselves as the leader by providing food and exercise for the animal consistently; over time, dogs learn to look toward that individual for guidance.

You should start by taking your dog out for a walk with your husband first.

When you are confident that your dog is listening to you enough, you can start going on a walk alone.

6. Shows more affection towards the dog

By regularly showing affection and kindness towards a dog, it can become an authoritative figure in its life which in turn leads to better obedience when given commands.

If your husband is the only one showing affection towards the dog, I do not see any reason why that dog should listen to anyone.

I get it, you might be busy at work or with the kids. However, dogs do not understand that you have to go to a job.

I suggest that you try and spend every free moment of your time showing affection toward your dog.

You will be amazed how things change fast.

How To Get Your Dog To Start Listening To You

  1. Establish yourself as the leader of the pack: Dogs need to understand that you are the boss and your husband is following along behind. Establish clear expectations and boundaries for your pup, such as not jumping on people or barking when someone enters a room, then consistently enforce them. Doing this will teach him who the boss is – which should always be you!
  2. Give rewards for good behavior: Dogs respond well to positive reinforcement, so reward your pup with treats or belly rubs when he follows your commands or behaves correctly. Make sure that only give rewards when your pup does what you ask – this helps reinforce the idea that listening is best!
  3. Spend quality time with your dog: Take your pup for walks and engage in playful games to help him build a bond with you and recognize how valuable his time with you is.
  4. Show patience and consistency: Dogs learn best when they receive consistent messages about what behavior is expected of them. Be patient, consistent, and calm when training your pup – he’ll get there eventually!
  5. Don’t be too hard on yourself: Training a dog requires time and patience, so don’t expect perfection overnight. If you make an error or become overwhelmed, don’t despair – just keep working until you achieve your desired outcomes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my dog misbehave around me but not my husband?

It could be that your husband has built a better relationship with your pup than you have; perhaps he is better at communicating expectations in a way your pup understands.

Dogs act differently around different people due to factors like personality, relationship history, and comfort level with certain people or situations.

Furthermore, it’s possible that your pup picks up on subtle body language cues from both of you; for example, if one uses more authoritative tones while the other seems calmer and relaxed.

It’s essential not to take any misbehavior personally- even though it can be challenging, try your best to remain calm and avoid punishments or reprimands that may exacerbate the issue.

Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool when training your pup; reward good behavior with treats, verbal praise, physical affection, and playtime.

Do dogs get jealous of spouses?

Yes, dogs can get jealous of spouses. Dogs form strong attachments with their owners and may become territorial when a new person enters the household or lives with their owner.

If an owner suddenly starts giving more attention or affection than usual to another individual, this could trigger jealousy in your pup.

Signs include aggressiveness towards them including growling, barking, snapping, or pushing away from you while trying to monopolize attention or even sulking.

With patience and consistent reinforcement training, however, it is possible for your dog to accept your spouse as part of the family unit.

Do dogs choose who they listen to?

Yes, some dogs are more apt to listen to certain people than others. This usually depends on the bond established between the dog and its human caregiver.

Although dogs possess their own personalities, even if you spend most of your time playing or interacting with them positively, another human can gain their trust more quickly than you.

It comes down to consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement from both parties involved.

Why does my dog always follow my husband?

It could be that your dog and husband have formed an intense bond, or it could simply be due to how he interacts with them.

Dogs are highly intelligent creatures and easily form deep connections with people; perhaps your husband gives them more attention than you do or offers treats or belly rubs which your pup enjoys.

No matter the case, make sure both of you are giving love and affection so neither feels neglected in their eyes.

You could also try bonding activities like going for walks together or playing fetch which will further cement this relationship between all three of you.

In Conclusion

Your dog listens to your husband more because he is the one that did all the training, is constantly working with the dog, taking the time to feed him and take him on a walk, and is showing more affection.

However, this doesn’t mean that your dog doesn’t like you.

You just have to start working more with your dog and create opportunities to bond.

Please take the time and leave a comment below if this article helped you, or you have any additional questions.

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