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Age-Appropriate Exercise Chart For German Shepherds



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Are you worried that your German Shepherd isn’t getting enough exercise? Are you not sure what types of activities are appropriate for different ages?

If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we will provide an age-appropriate exercise chart for German Shepherds. We will also discuss the importance of exercise for these dogs and provide some tips on how to get started.

Key Takeaway

  • The Age-Appropriate Exercise Chart for German Shepherds suggests that the exercise needs of these dogs vary with age, recommending activities like free running for puppies up to 12 months, gradually increasing exercise time as they grow, and maintaining a routine of 20-60 minutes of daily exercise for senior dogs.
  • The best exercises for German Shepherds include a variety of activities like walking, jogging, hiking, lure chasing, swimming, agility training, flyball, canicross, tracking, disc dog, bikejoring, obedience training, and structured play, which all contribute to their physical health and mental stimulation.
  • Exercising is beneficial for German Shepherds as it ensures their physical health, provides mental stimulation, aids in behavior management, enhances socialization, and contributes to their overall longevity.

Age-Appropriate Exercise Chart For German Shepherds

Age-Appropriate Exercise Chart For German Shepherds
Dog BreedAgeFrequencyWalkingRunning
German ShepherdUnder 1 yearDaily40 minutes10 minutes
German Shepherd1 year oldDaily30 – 120 minutes30 minutes
German Shepherd2 years oldDaily30 – 120 minutes40 minutes
German Shepherd3 years oldDaily30 – 120 minutes50 minutes
German Shepherd4 years oldDaily30 – 120 minutes60 minutes
German Shepherd5 years oldDaily30 – 120 minutes60 minutes
German Shepherd6 years oldDaily30 – 120 minutes50 minutes
German Shepherd7 years oldDaily30 – 120 minutes50 minutes
German Shepherd8 years oldDaily30 – 90 minutes40 minutes
German Shepherd9 years oldDaily30 – 90 minutes30 minutes
German Shepherd10 years oldDaily30 – 90 minutes30 minutes
German Shepherd11 years oldDaily30 – 90 minutes15 minutes
German Shepherd12 years oldDaily30 – 60 minutes10 minutes
German Shepherd13 years oldDaily30 – 60 minutes10 minutes

Exercise is important for German Shepherds because it helps to keep them fit and healthy. It also helps to improve their mental health by reducing boredom and anxiety. Exercise can also help to prevent behavior problems from developing.

There are many different ways that you can exercise your German Shepherd. You can take them for a walk, run or hike. You can also play fetch or Frisbee with them. Whatever you do, make sure that you are having fun too! Dogs are social creatures and love to spend time with their family.

The age-appropriate exercise chart for German Shepherds is very important. This is mainly because they will require a different amount of exercise as they grow up and grow old.

As German Shepherds age, they will generally need less exercise. This is because their metabolism slows down and they become less active overall. However, every German Shepherd is different and some may still need a good amount of exercise even as they get older.

There are a few things to keep in mind when exercising an older German Shepherd. First, start slowly and build up gradually. Older German Shepherds are more likely to get injured if they try to do too much too soon. Second, focus on low-impact activities like walking or swimming.

These are easier on the joints than running or jumping. Finally, make sure to give your German Shepherd plenty of breaks. They may need to rest more often than they did when they were younger.

Best Exercises For German Shepherds

Age-Appropriate Exercise Chart For German Shepherds

German Shepherds are known for their high energy levels. They need plenty of exercise to stay happy and healthy, and they love to play.

If you’re looking for an active dog to keep you company on long walks or runs, a German Shepherd is a great choice.

Here are some of the best exercises for German Shepherds that will meet their exercise needs:

1. Walking

As a dog owner, it is important to keep up with your dog’s needs. Walking your German Shepherd is one of the most important things you can do for them. It provides them with much-needed exercise and helps to keep their energy levels down.

Additionally, walking also helps to socialize your dog and gets them used to being around people and other animals.

Walking is a great way to start off with any dog, especially high-energy dogs. Start with shorter walks and gradually increase the distance as your dog ages.

2. Running

Running is also great for high-energy dogs. You can start by running alongside your dog while they walk and gradually increase the speed as they get used to it.

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are also one of the most versatile, which is why they make great family pets. However, German Shepherds are also working dogs, and as such, they need plenty of exercise to stay healthy and happy.

Running is a great way to provide your German Shepherd with the exercise they need, and it can be a lot of fun for both you and your dog. Here are a few reasons why running your German Shepherd is important:

German Shepherds were originally bred as herding dogs, so they have a lot of energy. This means that they need plenty of exercise to burn off all that energy. If you don’t give them enough exercise, they may become bored and destructive.

Running is a great way to bond with your German Shepherd. Not only will you get some exercise yourself, but you’ll also get to spend some quality time with your dog says PetHelpful.

3. Frisbee or fetch

Frisbee or fetch is another fun exercise for high-energy dogs. Dogs love to chase after things and this will help them use up some of that energy.

Playing fetch or frisbee with your German Shepherd is an excellent way to help them burn off any excess energy they might have. It’s also a great bonding experience for you and your dog – they’ll love spending time with you, and you’ll get some exercise too!

Plus, it’s a great way to socialize your dog. If you take them to the park to play fetch, they’ll be around other people and dogs, which will help them become more comfortable and confident in social situations.

Frisbee or fetch is also a great activity for rainy days when you can’t go for a walk – just make sure you have plenty of space indoors!

4. Hiking

Hiking is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air, and it’s even better when you can do it with your furry friend. German Shepherds are especially good hiking companions because of their athleticism and obedience. Here are just a few reasons why hiking with your German Shepherd can be beneficial:

Your German Shepherd will love the chance to explore new smells and sounds on a hike, and they’ll also appreciate the opportunity to burn off some energy. Hiking is a great way to bond with your dog and tire them out at the same time – both of which are important for a healthy relationship.

Hiking is another great exercise for high-energy dogs. It is a great way to explore new places and get some exercise at the same time. Just be sure to start off with shorter hikes and work your way up as your dog gets used to it.

Hiking with your German Shepherd is also a great way to meet other dog owners and socialize with your pup. If you live in an area with limited trails or parks, hiking can give you access to new places to explore together.

And of course, spending time outdoors is always good for your mental health. So next time you and your dog are feeling cooped up, consider heading out for a hike – you might just be surprised at how much you both enjoy it.

Benefits of Exercising For German Shepherds

Regular exercise is beneficial for German Shepherds as it helps maintain their physical health, supports mental stimulation, and promotes better behavior by expending energy.

Physical Health

Exercise is crucial for a German Shepherd’s physical health. Regular activities like running, jumping, and sprinting help keep their bodies strong and flexible. Additionally, exercise can help prevent obesity, which can lead to various health issues such as diabetes and heart disease.

Mental Stimulation

German Shepherds are intelligent dogs that require mental stimulation as well as physical exercise. Activities like hiking and exploring new environments can engage their minds, keeping them mentally sharp. Training exercises also provide an opportunity for mental stimulation.

Behavior Management

Regular exercise can also play a significant role in managing a German Shepherd’s behavior. These high-energy dogs can become restless or destructive if they don’t get enough exercise.

Physical activities like running or playing fetch, as well as mental exercises, can help expend this energy in a positive way, leading to calmer behavior at home.


Exercise routines that involve other dogs or people can help with the socialization of German Shepherds. Social interactions during walks or playtime can improve their interpersonal skills, making them more comfortable around other animals and humans.


Regular exercise can contribute to a longer, healthier life for your German Shepherd. By keeping them physically active and mentally stimulated, you’re helping to ensure they stay healthy and happy for as long as possible.


Q: Why is it important to follow an age-appropriate exercise chart for German Shepherds?

A: It is important to follow an age-appropriate exercise chart for German Shepherds because it ensures that you are providing them with the right amount and type of exercise that their body needs at different stages of their life. This helps prevent overexertion, injuries, and health issues.

Q: How much exercise do German Shepherd puppies need?

A: German Shepherd puppies require shorter and more frequent exercise sessions to prevent them from getting overtired or injured. Generally, they need around 5 minutes of exercise per month of age, up to twice a day. For example, a 3-month-old puppy needs 15 minutes of exercise twice a day.

Q: How much exercise do adult German Shepherds need?

A: Adult German Shepherds need at least 30 minutes to 2 hours of exercise daily, depending on their individual energy levels and overall health. This can be divided into multiple sessions throughout the day to keep them active and engaged.

Q: What types of exercise are suitable for German Shepherds?

A: German Shepherds are active and intelligent dogs that enjoy various types of exercise, including walking, running, hiking, swimming, agility training, obedience training, and playing fetch or tug-of-war. It is important to provide both physical and mental stimulation.

Q: Can I over-exercise my German Shepherd?

A: Yes, it is possible to over-exercise a German Shepherd. Overexertion can lead to fatigue, muscle strain, joint problems, and even heatstroke. It’s important to gradually introduce exercise and monitor their energy levels, taking breaks when needed.

Q: Can I under-exercise my German Shepherd?

A: Yes, under-exercising a German Shepherd can lead to obesity, behavioral issues, and general physical and mental health problems. It’s essential to provide them with enough exercise to keep them mentally and physically active.

Q: Are there any exercise restrictions for senior German Shepherds?

A: Senior German Shepherds may have certain exercise restrictions due to age-related health conditions. It’s important to consult with a veterinarian to determine the appropriate exercise plan for your senior dog, taking into consideration their overall health, mobility, and any specific issues they may have.

Q: How can I ensure my German Shepherd gets enough exercise?

A: To ensure your German Shepherd gets enough exercise, establish a daily routine, incorporate different types of activities to keep them engaged, provide them with toys and puzzles for mental stimulation, and monitor their energy levels to adjust the duration and intensity of exercise as needed.

Conclusion and final thoughts

In conclusion, the Age-Appropriate Exercise Chart For German Shepherds can be a useful resource for pet owners who want to ensure that their furry friend is exercising properly and safely according to their age.

The chart lists different activities depending on your dog’s age, including walking, running, swimming, and playing fetch, allowing you to tailor your pup’s exercise regimen to their specific needs.

Please take the time and leave a comment below if this article helped you, or you have any additional questions.

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