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Do Australian Shepherds Like To Cuddle? (Answered!)



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Aussies are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. They are known for being energetic and playful, but do Australian Shepherds like to cuddle?

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Australian Shepherds and their cuddling habits!

Key Takeaway

  • Australian Shepherds, while known for their active nature, generally enjoy being affectionate and cuddly with their owners, though this can vary based on individual personality, upbringing, and socialization.
  • Australian Shepherds are known to form a deep bond with their owners and often tend to favor one person in the family, although this can vary based on the individual dog’s personality and experiences.
  • To get your Australian Shepherd to love you, engage in regular exercise with them, play often, pet them, talk to them, give them a ‘job’ or task to do, and show them affection through activities like cuddling, as these actions help build a strong bond between you and your dog.

Do Australian Shepherds Like To Cuddle?

Do Australian Shepherds Like To Cuddle

Yes. Australian Shepherds like to cuddle. In fact, Australian Shepherds are one of the most affectionate dog breeds out there, and they love nothing more than cuddling up with their humans. However, Aussies are aloof with strange so cuddling is reserved for the family members only.

These dogs are loving, affectionate, and clingy, and they love people. Australian Shepherds like to cuddle with their owners, especially after their meal. However, they’re not couch potatoes that would lie with you in front of the TV all day long.

Aussies are active dogs that require plenty of exercise. Besides, Australian Shepherds are aloof with strangers. As such, they would not cuddle with everyone. Snuggling is reserved for the family members and the people the dog loves.

If your Australian Shepherd cuddles with you, it means you’re a trusted person. And if your Aussie loves you, it will do anything to please you; cuddling included. Australian Shepherds are Velcro dogs. As such, they would like to be near their owners at all times.

So, if you don’t mind a second shadow that will follow you everywhere, the Aussie is the right choice for you. This dog will accompany you in hiking, running, swimming, and working. And, of course, cuddling.

However, do not expect that an unfamiliar face will approach your dog and start snuggling with it. Australian Shepherds are herding dogs.

Protectiveness and reserved behavior are in their DNA code. That’s why it is essential to socialize your Aussie as early as possible. Introduce it to as many people and animals as you can. Y

our dog won’t bark and growl at everything around if adequately socialized. Also, strangers would be able to approach and pet it. However, you cannot erase instincts. Even the most social Aussie would remain ever vigilant.

Do Australian Shepherds Have a Favorite Person?

Do Australian Shepherds Like To Cuddle

Even though Australian Shepherds are exceptional family dogs, they can develop a stronger bond with one person over another. When an Australian Shepherd bonds with this individual, that tie becomes unbreakable. But regardless of who their favorite person is, they will always be loyal and loving members of the family.

However, I must warn you; that sometimes, it might be overwhelming. Being an Aussie’s chosen person means it will never leave your side. Your dog will follow you to the yard, kitchen, and even the bathroom. However, when it comes to cuddling, you’ll be the first choice. The Aussie will only snuggle with someone else if you’re not there.

If your Australian Shepherd chooses you as its favorite, expect an affection overload. The dog would stare in your eyes, wag its tail, and follow every move you make. It will also bring you its favorite possessions, such as toys, balls, or blankets.

Your Aussie would even yawn at the same time as you, and this is adorable. However, some things can be quite unpleasant.

The Australian Shepherd would also go through your laundry and take your clothes. So, if you see your dog carrying your sock in its mouth, well congratulations, you’re the chosen one. Make sure you return all this love and affection. Remember, your Aussie would do anything for you, and that is something you have to respect.

How Do I Get My Australian Shepherd To Love Me?

Do Australian Shepherds Like To Cuddle

The best way to get your Australian Shepherd to love you is by spending time with him or her. Get to know your dog’s personality and what makes him or her happy. Australian Shepherds are intelligent dogs, so engaging in activities that challenge their minds will also help create a bond between the two of you.

Training sessions are a great way to bond with your Aussie, as they provide quality one-on-one time while also teaching your dog essential obedience skills.

Also, showing your Australian Shepherd affection and attention will let him or her know that you care, deepening the bond between the two of you. With a little patience and effort, you’ll be able to create a strong connection with your furry friend.

Try and spend more time with your dog. Aussies thrive when surrounded by people. Play with your dog, take it for a walk, play fetch with it. Get to know your Aussie and learn about its likes and dislikes. Pet, massage, and groom your dog. Engage in training and teach it new tricks.

Australian Shepherds are full of energy. They love to learn new things. However, do not be pushy. You want your dog to love you, not to be bored by you.

Learning your dog’s body language is essential. Aussies are expressive beings. They’re always trying to communicate with you. For example, if your dog is wagging its tail, it means it’s happy. If not, you’re doing something wrong, and the dog is upset.

You must always know what your dog feels, and act accordingly. Only with mutual understanding the two of you will bond and love each other says PetHelfpul.

Are Australian Shepherds Clingy?

Yes. Australian Shepherds are clingy because they were bred to work closely with humans and form strong bonds. Another personality trait that makes the Aussie so clingy is the fact that they are highly intelligent and active dogs that need a lot of stimulation and interaction.

Whatever the reason, if you have an Aussie who is clingy, there are a few things you can do to help them feel more secure.

One way to help Aussies feel less clingy is to provide them with plenty of exercise. Aussies are working dogs and need a lot of physical activity to stay happy and healthy. Make sure to give your dog at least one long walk or run every day, as well as some interactive games or activities.

Another way to help reduce clinginess is to provide your Aussie with plenty of mental stimulation. This can be in the form of training, puzzle toys, or even just playing fetch. A tired dog is a happy dog, so make sure your Aussie is getting enough exercise both physically and mentally.

If you think your dog’s clinginess may be due to separation anxiety, there are a few things you can do to help ease their anxiety.

First, try not to make comings and goings a big deal – no need for extra attention or treats when you leave or come home. Second, give your dog a safe space to stay while you’re gone, such as a crate or puppy pen, with some cozy bedding.

What Do Australian Shepherds Like?

Aussies are lovely creatures. They would do anything to please their owners. So, they deserve to be treated with an equal amount of love and respect. A devoted owner must learn what Australian Shepherds like. So, here are the things the Aussie loves most:

  • Be around you
  • Play with children
  • Herd
  • Eat
  • Exercise
  • Learn new things
  • Cuddle

However, there are certain things Australian Shepherds strongly dislike. Those are:

  • Negative energy
  • Being left alone
  • Being bored
  • Yelling
  • Hitting
  • Strangers

Whenever you’re spending time with your Australian Shepherd, use positive reinforcement. No matter what you do, never punish your dog. Instead, use rewards and praise when the dog behaves well. When it doesn’t, let the dog know with a firm voice.

Aussies are very intelligent and they learn fast. However, have patience. After all, these dogs want to have fun too.

Some of the things they love are bad. Herding is one of those. If you live on a farm and own livestock, that’s perfect. However, if you’re no rancher, the herding instinct will be a problem once your dog tries to herd your kids or other pets. Proper training will resolve this issue.

Also, Aussies are notorious for their love for food. They would eat a lot, if not controlled. As such, Aussies are prone to obesity. Try not to leave food around the house, as these smart creatures will try to outsmart you and steal it. Controlling your food intake will significantly increase your Aussie’s overall health.

As far as it goes for strangers, I already talked about it. Socialize your dog and watch it become the pet you’ve always dreamed of having.


Q: Are Australian Shepherds a cuddly breed?

A: Australian Shepherds are considered to be a cuddly breed. They tend to form strong bonds with their owners and enjoy physical affection, including cuddling.

Q: Do Australian Shepherds like to be close to their owners?

A: Yes, Australian Shepherds are known for their loyalty and they usually want to be close to their owners. They crave human companionship and enjoy being part of the family.

Q: How do Australian Shepherds show affection?

A: Australian Shepherds show affection in various ways, including cuddling, leaning against their owners, giving gentle kisses, and wagging their tails. They are a very loving and expressive breed.

Q: Can Australian Shepherds be good family dogs?

A: Yes, Australian Shepherds can be excellent family dogs. They are known to be good with children and enjoy being part of a loving and active family environment.

Q: Do Australian Shepherds bond closely with their owners?

A: Yes, Australian Shepherds are known for their strong bonding abilities. They form deep connections with their owners and often develop a loyal and loving relationship.

Q: Are Australian Shepherds needy when it comes to affection?

A: Australian Shepherds are not typically considered to be overly needy when it comes to affection. While they do enjoy cuddling and being close to their owners, they are also capable of independent behavior.

Q: Do Australian Shepherds like to be petted?

A: Yes, Australian Shepherds generally enjoy being petted. They often seek out physical contact and find comfort in gentle stroking and attention.

Q: Do Australian Shepherds bond with one person or the whole family?

A: Australian Shepherds are known to bond with the whole family. While they may have a special connection with one person, they typically form strong relationships with all members of the household.

Q: Can Australian Shepherds be affectionate with strangers?

A: Australian Shepherds can be reserved or cautious around strangers initially, but once they warm up to someone, they can show affection and become friendly.

Conclusion and final thoughts

In conclusion, Australian Shepherds are loving and loyal dogs that do enjoy cuddling. They love being close to their owners and will often seek out physical contact.

To keep them healthy and happy, it’s important to provide plenty of exercise and stimulation along with plenty of snuggles!

With the right bonding and training, an Australian Shepherd can make a great cuddle buddy.

Please take the time and leave a comment below if this article helped you, or you have any additional questions.

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