How Do You Tire Out an Australian Shepherd? (Answered!)

The Australian Shepherd is a dog with lots of energy. And when I say a lot, I mean these dogs can work and run all day long. Their liveliness comes from when they were solely used to herd livestock. Through the years, they transitioned to home pets too. However, their vigor remained.

Having an energetic pet like the Aussie can be exhausting. Not because of the energy itself, but because of what happens if these dogs are now properly worn off. They get anxious, bored, loud, and destructive. That’s why it is essential to tire them and spend some of their energy.

I know that this sounds like a lot of work. The truth is, Aussies are high-maintenance dogs and demand plenty of dedicated time. However, exercising them can be a fun, bonding experience for both of you with the proper approach. This article will teach you how to tire out an Australian Shepherd and turn it into a well-behaved, adorable pup.

How Do You Tire Out an Australian Shepherd?

How Do You Tire Out an Australian Shepherd

How do you tire out an Australian Shepherd? In order to tire out an Australian Shepherd, you need to find a balance between physical activity and mental stimulation. A good rule of thumb is to exercise your dog for 30 minutes to one hour per day, depending on their age and energy level. This can include anything from a brisk walk or jog to an intense game of fetch.

The Australian Shepherd can be tired out by various methods. These dogs require both physical and mental stimulation. The physical part will spend some of the tremendous energy they possess. On the other hand, mental stimulation will engage their big, brilliant brains. However, methods that combine these two are the best and most entertaining for both the owner and the Aussie.

Aussie Shepherds require lots of exercise. Typically, a puppy Aussie will get tired easier than an adult one. While the dog is still young, it will need around 10 minutes of daily exercise for each month of age. Older Australian Shepherds with decreased energy amounts need about an hour of daily activity. However, the adult Aussie is the most demanding one. When they’re in the prime of their energy, these dogs require at least two to three hours of day-to-day workout.

It is best if you split these activities into two or more sessions. Also, you can combine them with training. Whether it’s obedience, socialization, or agility training, it will help wear the Aussie off. However, you can not spend the entire day outside playing with your dog. Eventually, you will have to go inside the home. Nevertheless, the Aussie still needs to be entertained, even inside.

So, here are some of the best outdoor and indoor activities that will tire out the Australian Shepherd:

Outdoor activities for an Australian Shepherd

How Do You Tire Out an Australian Shepherd

As herding dogs, Australian Shepherds are happiest when outdoors. These dogs have a double coat which protects them against harsh weather. The inner jacket serves as an insulator, while the outer layer waterproofs the dog. This means the Aussie does well in both snow and rain. So, if you don’t mind the weather conditions, you can take your Aussie Shepherd outside at any time. However, avoid long exposures to extreme weather conditions. Aussies are generally healthy, but there’s still so much sun, or cold their bodies can take.

There are many outdoor activities you can do with your Aussie Shepherd. These beautiful dogs are intelligent, tireless, and eager to learn. A very efficient way to wear off an Aussie is obedience training. This method is easier for you, as you won’t do much exercise yourself. Teach your dog the basic commands like sit, stay, roll over, down, or go. Aussies are savvy and will learn the orders in no time. However, repeat them as often as possible. Even though your Aussie has already learned them, repetition will tire the dog out.

Canine sports and games are also an excellent and entertaining way to spend some of that endless energy. Playing fetch or Frisbee is something the Aussie will enjoy. In fact, this clingy dog will appreciate anything you’ll do together. However, that’s a subject we’ll cover in another article, back to physical exercise. Try to combine these outdoor games with obedience training. This way, you will stimulate your dog mentally too. For example, throw the stick, but have your dog sit for a while. You will notice how eager it will be to run, but it will still obey your command. Let it go after a minute. Repeat this, and your dog will be tired as never before.

Australian Shepherds are also great companions for human sports. If you happen to be an active person, your can take your Aussie with you everywhere you go. Besides making the dog happy, it will also tire it. Your dog can join you in hiking, running, bicycling, or even swimming. Aussies love to swim, so feel free to let your dog enjoy a river or the sea. However, you can also do simpler things to wear your dog off. A simple walk will do OK given it lasts long enough.

Indoor activities for an Aussie Shepherd

So, it’s a rainy day, and you don’t feel like taking your Aussie outside? Well, you better do something unless you want to bark or have bad behavior. However, worry not. There are plenty of things for the two of you to do inside that will tire out your Aussie friend.

As I previously stated, Aussies are intelligent beings. As such, they enjoy mental stimulation. Use your inside time wisely and give your dog some thinking to do. For example, you can always play hide and seek. Hide yourself or some treats around the house, and let your dog search. This will be both entertaining and exhausting. Secondly, you can always do obedience and crate training. Or, teach your pup some new tricks. Aussies are eager to learn, and you’ll be amazed how quickly they do it.

Also, you can always play mind games. There are plenty of puzzle toys you can buy that will tire your dog. For example, get your Aussie a treat ball. If you haven’t heard about it, it is a ball full of treats, and your pup must find a way to get to them. The treat ball combines the two loves of the Aussie: mental challenge and food. I assure you that your dog will be grateful for this toy. It is imperative to rotate the toys. Do not give your dog all the toys at once. It will get bored with them and lose interest. Instead, change its toys now and then and watch it enjoy solving puzzles and getting tired.

Lastly, you can change how your dog eats to make it tired. Australian Shepherds love food. They are prone to eating a lot and becoming overweight. Use this to your advantage. Instead of pouring the food into a regular bowl, buy some puzzle bowls or foraging mats. These are beneficial in lots of aspects. First, your dog will eat slower, thus intaking smaller amounts of food. Also, the Aussie will have to think and work to get to the food. This will make it tired and ready to nap.

How Much Exercise Does an Australian Shepherd Need a Day?

Aussies are a high-energy breed that needs plenty of exercise to stay happy and healthy. How much exercise an Aussie needs depends on several factors, including age, size, and energy level. Most Aussies need at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise a day, although some may need up to two hours of exercise a day.

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