Are Australian Shepherds Good Guard Dogs? (Answered!)

The Aussie is a very versatile dog. They were bred to herd, but they have proved themselves as successful in other fields. Besides being excellent herders, Australian Shepherds also excel in working as service dogs, canine sports, agility contests, and emotional support. Also, they are lovely home pets.

The Aussie has enough love for the entire family. They love working and playing. These dogs will spend as much time as possible near their owners. They are good with children and provide fun for the entire homestead.

However, some owners can demand more of their dogs. Certain people want their canine buddies to guard and protect their homes and families. So, are Australian Shepherds good guard dogs? Here are the findings of my research.

Are Australian Shepherds Good Guard Dogs?

Are Australian Shepherds Good Guard Dogs

Are Australian Shepherds good guard dogs? Yes. Australian Shepherds are excellent guard dogs because they are active and alert, which means they are quick to notice anything out of the ordinary. They are also loyal and protective of their family and home, making them natural guardians. Australian Shepherds are also intelligent and trainable, so you can teach them specific guard dog duties if you wish.

If you need a watchdog, the Australian Shepherd is a good pup for you. They are attentive, loyal, and wise. Your Australian Shepherd will always alert you if there’s an intruder in your home. However, alerting you is all they’ll do most of the time. Still, they can be good guard dogs. My opinion is supported by the following facts:

Aussies are cautious and observant

The Australian Shepherd is a naturally cautious dog. They are built to take care of animals and people. Aussies are standoffish with strangers and other animals. It takes some time before these dogs offer their friendship to unknown subjects. Early socialization is essential in overcoming this problem. However, even if socialized, the Aussie will always remain alert.

If the Australian Shepherd feels an imminent threat to you and your household, it will start barking. However, you should train your dog not to bark at everything. The Aussie will take its job as a watchdog very seriously. Your pup will take good care your you and your family. Be aware that you and your Aussie don’t have the same perception of threats. However, listen to your dog. It means only good.

Australian Shepherds bark frequently

If you’re thinking about buying an Australian Shepherd, prepare yourself for some barking. Aussies love to bark. These dogs often need to be trained not to bark so much. Sometimes, the barking will be helpful. However, nobody wants a dog that barks at pedestrians or passing vehicles.

The frequent barking of the Aussies makes them suitable for watch duty. When the dog feels that something’s not right, it will warn you. So, if there’s a burglar in your home, your Aussie will sense it and alert you. At the same time, the burglar might get scared and run away.

Many times, the Aussie will bark differently, depending on the reason. Sometimes these dogs bark when bored. They also react to cats, people, or thunders. Besides training, you need to learn what every bark means by the sound of it. Hopefully, it will never be a warning one.

Aussies have plenty of energy

The Australian Shepherds have an almost endless amount of stamina. These dogs are very energetic and tireless. Daily exercises are a must for these pups. You will have to take your dog outside for at least two to three hours every day. Your Aussie can accompany you in almost every activity. They are good at running, hiking, playing catch, swimming, and a plethora of other ventures. The Aussie will become destructive and anxious if not exercised.

The massive energy of the Australian Shepherds is another factor that makes them excellent watchdogs. Your Aussie will be vigilant at times when everybody in the home is asleep. This dog will take care of you during your rest time. The Aussie sleeps light, and nothing can go past it. Each and every sound will be heard, inspected, and, if needed, reported to the owner.

Australian Shepherds are large enough to intimidate

The Australian Shepherd stands between 20 to 23 inches tall. The weight of these dogs can be 45 to 65 pounds. This makes the Aussie a medium-sized dog. However, these dogs are still big enough to intimidate people and other animals.

When it comes to guarding dogs, size does matter—the bigger the dog, the better. Psychologically, intruders and burglars can be more intimidated by a big dog rather than a small one. With their size, Aussies are well built for watchdogs.

Aussies are overly protective toward their owners

If an Australian Shepherd loves you, it will do anything in its power to protect you. Aussies bond with humans. They will always act protectively towards you and your property. This kind of behavior does not require training. It is written in the Aussie’s DNA.

However, you will have to socialize with this dog to adjust the level of protective behavior. I already mentioned that Aussies are wary of strangers. You don’t want your dog to act aggressively when an unknown person approaches you or your home.

Australian Shepherds are herding dogs

Aussies are the 12th most popular dog breed in the United States. Before they became family pets, these dogs performed on rodeo shows. But prior to all these, the Australian Shepherds were herding livestock on the American ranches.

The Aussies were bred to be herding dogs. It is their primary job, and they excel at it. Herding is written in their genes and will remain there forever. Home-kept Australian Shepherds need the training to minimize herding behavior.

As herders, these dogs had to watch over their flock. If necessary, they would also protect the animals from predators. These dogs are fearless and would chase away a wolf. So, when living with a family, the humans are the Aussie’s flock.

Protective behavior runs into the blood of these pups. That characteristic makes them excellent guard dogs. If the Aussie is not afraid of a wolf, it won’t feel intimidated by an intruder in your home.

Are Australian Shepherds Friendly To Strangers?

Are Australian Shepherds Good Guard Dogs

Are Australian Shepherds friendly to strangers? Generally speaking, Australian Shepherds are friendly dogs that enjoy being around people. However, if they have not been properly socialized, they may be shy or even aggressive towards strangers. The best way to ensure that your Australian Shepherd is friendly to strangers is to expose them to as many different people as possible from a young age. This will help them to become comfortable and confident around new people, and less likely to be fearful or aggressive in new situations.

If you have an Australian Shepherd that is shy or hesitant around new people, there are still some things you can do to help them feel more comfortable. For example, you can try having friends and family come over to your house more often so that your dog can get used to having new people around. You can also take them to doggy daycare or dog parks on a regular basis so that they can interact with other dogs and people in a safe and controlled environment.

If you have an Australian Shepherd that is already pretty outgoing, then you’re in luck! These dogs are typically very friendly and love meeting new people. They make great family pets as well as therapy dogs because of their gentle nature and loving personality. So if you’re looking for a social pup, an Aussie is definitely the way to go!

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