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Dog Found Next To His Deceased Owner, Now Learns To Love Again In A New Home  



Reviewed By: Dr. Joel Robertson

Tyson’s story was a truly tragic one. This loyal senior dog lost his best friend – and the center of his world – when his owner died. The poor pup was left alone with his deceased owner for about five days in their New York City apartment.

Nobody knows what Tyson felt during that time, but it’s not hard to imagine the confusion, fear, anxiety, and despair the heartbroken boy must have experienced.

He knew that his world had changed, but the lonely dog was still probably clinging to hope that his owner would wake up. Sadly, that was not to be the case.

Source: The Dodo

But, the compassionate team of animal rescuers at Twenty Paws Rescue knew just how to help him. They arrived and tried their best to coax him to them, but the dog was a mere shell of his former self by then.

He hid in his crate and refused to leave for a long time. But finally, the dedicated rescuers broke through and got Tyson to trust them. He was a defeated-looking dog when they led him out of the apartment.

Tyson immediately got veterinary care and his anemia was treated. The vet recommended that he gain some weight, and rescuers started working on that too. But, his broken heart took longer to help. He was devastated and isolated himself, ignoring other dogs and refusing to eat.

portrait of a dog sleeping on a blue carpet

Source: Twenty Paws Rescue

That is until long-time rescue volunteer Laura asked to take Tyson in as a foster. Laura worked patiently with Tyson and steadfastly offered him love and support, so he could recover in his own time.

All that care paid off. Tyson started to blossom. He started accepting and seeking out affection, regained his appetite, and started to gain a new outlook.

Laura knew that Tyson was ready to take the next step in his life: A forever home.

a woman with a mask caresses a dog lying on the carpetSource: The Dodo

Sarah, an animal lover who followed Twenty Paws Rescue on social media, watched Tyson’s story unfold. The beautiful boy spoke directly to her heart, and she knew he was meant to be hers, and she his.

The moment he met her, Tyson fell in love with Sarah. It’s a connection you just can’t predict or manufacture: When a dog picks their owner, you just know.

The formerly brokenhearted boy had learned to love again and wanted everyone to know it. He went rushing into his new life with Sarah. He’s started to play with toys, loves his fuzzy blankets, and is an affectionate and loving boy. He knows he’s at home, and has learned to trust and love again.

Tyson’s tragedy has come full circle, leading him to healing, recovery, and a new life full of adventures, fun, and everlasting love.

portrait of a sad dog with blue eyes

Source: Twenty Paws Rescue

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