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Rescuers Noticed Cries Coming From A Cardboard Box And Couldn’t Believe What They Found In It



Reviewed By: Dr. Joel Robertson

It’s hard to imagine anyone being so heartless as to take a new batch of beautiful new puppies and throw them away as if they were trash. Sadly, this kind of thing happens all the time and can be a real downer when we read about it. However, kind-hearted people do exist.

After all, puppies are just babies — new creatures brought into the world, filled with fear and wonder, and they deserve love and affection. Sometimes, animal population control is necessary (for their good), but simply throwing them on the streets is simply not the answer.

Thankfully, we have a beautiful story to share about a dog named Indigo. Abandoned by her owners along with her siblings, Indigo was only a few days old and whimpering in a cardboard box. With no idea what was happening, Indigo was in a very scary spot indeed.

It’s devastating to hear stories like this, we know…but stick around because this one comes with a silver lining! After all, Indigo has a name: owners throwing her in a cardboard box and abandoning her likely wouldn’t have bothered giving her an identity. So, there is a happy ending!

A Young Life Saved

Source: Royal Pet

As Indigo cried, her pleas were not ignored. Finally, a Good Samaritan investigated and found a beautiful, sad, and very hungry puppy desperate for attention. The woman took the dog to a local shelter (thank you so much!) to get her the help she needed.

After a quick checkup at the hospital, she was placed in a foster home, and the momma fed her with a bottle and examined her. Shocked, she found the puppy had cataracts on her eyes…probably the very reason she was abandoned.

The poor puppy was also panicking, frantically calling for her mother. Too young to realize what was happening, the little one needed love, affection, and compassion. Especially when several bouts of diarrhea forced another doctor’s visit: thankfully, a medication helped out.

A Friend for Life

Source: Royal Pet

Indigo’s foster momma had a dog already, Stefani. Something about the puppy tapped into Stefani’s motherly instincts, and she watched Indigo like a hawk. She’d chase away cats who came investigating Indigo to ensure her new baby got the sleep she needed.

Stefani continued to watch the pup religiously, even when the foster mom held the doggy, checked her for diarrhea (it was gone, thankfully), and petted her in a blanket. A bond started to grow between the three that would stay strong for a long time.

Getting Stronger Every Day

After naming her pup Indigo, the foster mom continued watching her new dog. New toys, a comfortable bed, and lots of healthy food brought a smile to the pup’s face. By the time she was 20 days old, she could eat on her own without assistance.

Unfortunately, it was clear that Indigo couldn’t see very well and her foster mama took her to a veterinarian. Surgery wouldn’t help (sad), but a medicine was prescribed. Discouraged but determined, she took Indigo home and kept loving her.

Source: Royal Pet

Every day, she gave Indigo her needed medicine and waited for results. Wonderfully, it was clear that the treatment worked! Indigo could see better and, with her new vision, felt safer with her foster mom and turned into a beautiful and happy dog.

A Happy Ending After All

We know how devastating stories like these can seem at first to dog lovers. We were in tears watching this video and were looking eagerly forward to the end to see if Indigo would get the love she deserved. We were practically pumping our fists in the air when she did!

Honestly, we consider people like Indigo’s mommy to be true heroes in the animal kingdom! They go one step above and beyond expectations to provide the beautiful ending to difficult stories that dogs like Indigo need. Without this foster mother, where would Indigo be today?

That hardly matters — what does is the fact that Indigo came out of her experience stronger, happier, and healthier! Three cheers to those Good Samaritans who take the steps other people are afraid to and who fight hard to do the right thing for dogs.

Source: Royal Pet

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