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This Pup Had The Sweetest Reaction When He Realized That He Was Leaving The Shelter



Reviewed By: Dr. Joel Robertson

There are approximately 3.1 million animals living in US animal shelters. Unfortunately, a very small number of them — or 53% percent — end up finding their forever homes.

These seem like bleak numbers for pups like Ronnie, who’ve spent weeks if not months looking for the perfect home.

But the good news is that miracles do happen.

And Ronnie would soon meet the foster parents of his dreams.

Finding Ronnie

Ronnie’s story begins in Dallas, TX on a mild February afternoon. Locals had seen him wandering the streets and asked Dallas Animal Services if they could lend a hand.

Loving volunteers collected the dog, who was clearly overjoyed to spend time with human friends. He was nothing but smiles, wiggles, and excitement, making him a favorite of the hardworking staff.

Source: The Dodo

It was clear Ronnie wanted a home more than anything else, and DAS shelter staff hoped they could place him with a loving family. But the first step in this process was contacting a foster, including selfless individuals like Ashley and her husband.

Meeting Ashley

Ronnie was elated to meet his foster mom for the first time. But when he discovered he was leaving the shelter, he broke into a huge smile that covered his face.

“He was all smiles and wags from the second he hopped in their car,” said Marlo Clingman, public information coordinator at Dallas Animal Services. “His smile was so big he couldn’t keep his eyes open.”

Source: The Dodo

The excitement continued when Ronnie reached his new foster home. He didn’t take long to make himself comfortable, snuggling up to his new foster mom and enjoying plenty of delicious treats.

“Ronnie loves to play and would be happy to have a big doggie buddy to romp around with or at least a friend to have playdates with,” Ashley laughed. “He likes men and women equally — he loves his foster mom and dad so much for breaking him out of the shelter. He has met a toddler and did great — he gave him a big sloppy, doggie kiss!”

Adoption Day

It didn’t take long for someone to fall in love with Ronnie. His ever-wagging tail and characteristic huge smile attracted a local Dallas resident looking for a new best friend.

Source: The Dodo

Today, Ronnie gets to live in a wonderful home surrounded by humans he knows and loves. He finally has someone to give all his love — something to smile about each and every day.

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