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This Veteran surprised to get his dogs back, the Best reaction ever



Reviewed By: Dr. Joel Robertson

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As many of us already know, our pets are family. Whether that family is like children or even just a housemate, we come to love our pets just as much as if they were human. So what happens when the owner falls sick?

This story began as a tragedy, a veteran suffered a heart attack and remained in the hospital for a period of time. Meanwhile, the dogs were removed from the gentleman’s home, as there was no one there to care for the dogs.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Lindsay Donovan via YouTube Video

Not only did the veteran love his dogs, Blaze and Bailey, they loved him. Can you imagine the heartbreak and pain that our Veteran felt? Imagine also the pain and heartbreak that the two dogs also felt. They did not know or understand what was happening to them. All they did know is that they were being taken out of the home they knew and loved, and away from the man who had been caring for them for a period of time.

Yes, our hearts cry out for those in similar situations. However, with absolutely no control over the situation, the veteran had no choice but to surrender his beloved pets. They were taken to a location where animals were cared for and then readied to be sold to a loving family. The problem was that Bailey and Blaze were not tiny puppies any longer, this made adoption more difficult for the store itself. Families are not normally prone to adopting middle age dogs or older, they tend to favor the younger puppies and kittens.

Our veteran James did regain his health and proceeded to try to save up money from his limited income. He was saving money in order to be able to purchase his beloved Bailey and Blaze back since they were still residing at the Pet store.

One day he grabbed the little bit he had managed to save from his pension and retirement and proceeded to go to the Pet Store. He waited until it was his turn to speak with an associate. He placed his money on the counter and informed them it was a deposit so he could get his pets back.

The associate excused herself and said she would be back shortly. The waiting time seemed to drag on for our Veteran. He stood there becoming nervous, wondering what was taking so long. Finally, the female associate returned with another person. She handed him back the deposit he had brought in that day.

This was baffling to the gentleman, he could not understand why they were not taking his money. His eyes welled up with tears and you can almost see his chest heaving. Suddenly the Associate explained the situation to the Veteran. Another customer had overheard the plight the Veteran was going through, how he would need to make payments, but he was confident that he and his loving dogs would once again be together.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Lindsay Donovan via YouTube Video

This customer had paid the fees that were due for Bailey and Blaze, and had also purchased a large bag of dog food to help the gentleman. The Veteran broke down in happy tears this time. So full of joy was he that the tears would not stop and flowed even more as Bailey and Blaze were brought out to their ‘Papa’.

The three were reunited with a flood of tears from onlookers and store associates alike. This is one of those stories that show true human compassion. When a single person can help another out in a time of need is one of the World’s greatest signs of love. When the person being helped happens to be a veteran, it seems to be even more rewarding.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Lindsay Donovan via YouTube Video

Click the video below to witness James’ tearful breakdown at the pet store when he finally sees his beloved dogs again.

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