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Grateful Mother Dog Struggles to Express Thanks to Woman Who Rescued Her Precious Puppies



Reviewed By: Dr. Joel Robertson

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Source: @rescue_with_me_

When it comes to Mothers, they will do anything that it takes to care for, feed and protect their children. A mother’s love does not stop for anything. The same is true for canines. A Mama Dog will do everything she has to do to care for her puppies.

One woman noticed that there was a female Pit Bull hanging out around her home in Tennessee. It was obvious that the dog had recently given birth. Each time the woman saw the dog, she was whining and whimpering, she seemed to be trying to tell the woman something. At first, the woman could not figure out what it was the dog was trying to say.

When she did try to understand, she rushed to provide the assistance and help that the dog needed. The woman made sure that the dog had plenty of food, however, it seemed there was something else she was trying to say to the woman. When the woman fully understood, her heart ached for the Pit, she wanted to cry for the dog.

Source: @rescue_with_me_

The woman could see that the Mama Pit was feeding several puppies, and all she could do was make a comfortable place for the momma and her babies to lay down. She did however, record a video and sent it to the one person she knew that could help this poor momma dog. The woman that the video was sent to was Audray Luck from a Rescue Center in Chattanooga.

The  woman came to the location she was given and the mama dog instantly came over to her and laid her head in her lap. The mother dog did not stop smiling once Audray showed up. Needless to say, the dog was named Happy.

There was a time when Happy did have a loving home with a family, the house was warm. For some reason though, the family left and abandoned Happy all by herself. She had given birth shortly after and had been taking care of the pups ever since. She could not continue without help though and she knew that.

Source: @rescue_with_me_

What Happy wanted was to make sure that her pups had enough food and a warm place where they could be taken care of. Luck was the rescuer that came to Happy’s rescue. Luck was able to find a foster home for the pups, but decided to keep Happy with her for a bit longer. To help her over the sadness and then the pups being gone.

Luck was able to bring all the pups to visit Happy at her new foster home, it seemed like a short visit, however it did bring joy back to Happy. Today the pups have been adopted, Happy is still at her foster home and has a new best Bunny friend that she stays right by at all times.

Source: @rescue_with_me_

From what turned into a hard life is now one filled with love thanks to the hero that saved Happy and her pups.

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