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Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon? Explore The Benefits and Risks



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Cinnamon is a popular spice enjoyed by many people around the world. But can our furry friends enjoy it too?

Dogs can indeed eat cinnamon in moderation, but be aware that some dogs may have an allergic reaction to this spice.

It’s important to discuss with your vet first before giving any type of food or treat to your pet.

Key Takeaway

  • Dogs can safely eat cinnamon in small amounts, but cinnamon essential oil should be avoided as it can be toxic to dogs.
  • Dogs can safely consume a small amount of cinnamon, with recommended dosages ranging from a pinch to 1/8 teaspoon for dogs weighing 1-10 pounds, and up to 1 teaspoon for dogs weighing 20-50 pounds.
  • Dogs can safely consume cinnamon in small amounts occasionally, but it is not recommended to be a regular part of their diet.

Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon?

Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon

Yes, dogs can eat cinnamon in small amounts. Cinnamon is not toxic to dogs according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

It can even offer some health benefits, such as aiding digestion and reducing inflammation.

However, it’s important to note that cinnamon should only be given in small doses and should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet.

Additionally, certain types of cinnamon are more potent than others and could cause adverse reactions if ingested in large quantities.

Therefore, it’s best to consult with your vet before introducing any new food into your dog’s diet.

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Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon

How Much Cinnamon Can Dogs Eat?

Cinnamon is not toxic to dogs, but it should be given in small amounts. It is recommended no more than one teaspoon of cinnamon per serving as an occasional treat.

However, certain types of cinnamon such as Ceylon cinnamon have low levels of coumarin, a natural chemical compound found in many plants, and are safe for dogs to eat.

It’s important to note that while cinnamon itself is not toxic to dogs, some baked goods containing the spice can be dangerous.

Many baked treats contain ingredients like sugar or chocolate which can be harmful to your pup.

Overall, feeding your dog a small amount of cinnamon as an occasional treat can provide several health benefits and won’t harm them if done in moderation.

It’s best to consult with your veterinarian before introducing any new food into your pet’s diet and always monitor them when they’re eating something new.

Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon

Cinnamon Feeding Chart According To Size

CinnamonToy dogsHalf tbsp per day
CinnamonSmall dogsHalf tbsp per day
CinnamonMedium dogs1 tbsp per day
CinnamonLarge Dogs1 tbsp per day

Cinnamon Feeding Chart According To Age

Cinnamon0 – 6 monthsDon’t feed
Cinnamon6 – 12 monthsHalf tbsp per day
Cinnamon12 – 24 months1 tbsp per day
Cinnamon24+ months1 tbsp per day

How Often Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon

Dogs can eat cinnamon every day as long as the amount does not exceed one tablespoon.

It’s important to note that certain types of cinnamon are safer for dogs than others.

Ceylon cinnamon has low levels of coumarin, a natural chemical compound found in many plants, making it the safest option for your pup.

Too much cinnamon can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and other digestive issues for your pup.

When introducing any new food into your dog’s diet, it’s best to start with a small amount and monitor their reaction.

Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon

Health Benefits of Cinnamon To Dogs

  • Aids Digestive Health: Cinnamon has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce gas, bloating and any other stomach issues your pup may be dealing with. It also boosts enzyme production to aid digestion.
  • Respiratory Support: The antioxidants present in cinnamon are known to reduce inflammation of the respiratory system, which can help dogs who suffer from breathing issues due to allergies or illness.
  • Joint Health: Cinnamon has an anti-inflammatory effect that can help with joint pain and stiffness caused by age or physical exertion.
  • Skin & Coat Health: Cinnamon’s antiseptic and anti-fungal properties can benefit dogs with skin conditions like mange, bacterial infections, and even allergies that cause itching and scratching.
  • Helps Boost Metabolism: Cinnamon helps improve the metabolism in your pup, which can help maintain their energy levels and keep them from gaining unnecessary weight.
  • Natural Pain Reliever: Cinnamon’s anti-inflammatory properties make it an effective way to treat joint pain and arthritis in dogs who are becoming increasingly more active as they age.
  • Improved Cognitive Function: Feeding your pup cinnamon on a regular basis can help improve cognitive ability, allowing them to

Nutritional Benefits of Cinnamon For Dogs

Potassium% DV *
Total Fat0.22 g
Sugar0.15 g
Glycemic Index5
Sodium1.77 mg
Carbs5.43 g
Protein0.26 g
Vitamin D19.04 mg
Calcium83.5 mg
Iron2.59 mg
Pottasium34 mg
Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon

Are Dogs Sensitive To Cinnamon?

Yes, some dogs can be sensitive to cinnamon. In rare cases, cinnamon can be toxic for dogs, and ingesting even small amounts of the spice may cause problems such as vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, low blood sugar levels, or liver damage.

It is important to always check with your veterinarian before giving any type of food or supplement containing cinnamon to your pet.

If you suspect that your dog has ingested excessive amounts of the spice, seek immediate veterinary help.

Dogs that are sensitive to Cinnamon may display:

  • Excessive drooling
  • Vomiting
  • Upset stomachs
  • Diarrhea

They may also experience a decrease in appetite or increased energy levels.

If your dog appears to be displaying any of these symptoms after consuming a product with Cinnamon in it, it is best to discontinue use immediately and seek veterinary care if necessary.

How To Prepare Cinnamon For Dogs

1. Ground Cinnamon

Grind up some cinnamon sticks and add them to your dog’s food for a dash of flavor. This is the easiest way to introduce cinnamon into your pup’s diet. Just make sure not to give too much as it can cause stomach upset!

2. Cinnamon Tea

Another great way to incorporate cinnamon into your dog’s diet is by making tea with it. Boil one cup of water in a saucepan, then add two teaspoons of ground or powdered cinnamon and let steep for 10 minutes. Once cooked, strain out the solids and let them cool before giving the liquid to your pup.

3. Cinnamon Treats

Lastly, you can bake treats using ground cinnamon as an ingredient. This will ensure your pup gets a nice dose of the spice in their diet without worrying about giving too much. Just be sure to keep an eye on them while they’re eating, as some dogs may not like the taste!

How Fast Will Dogs Digest Cinnamon

Dogs digest cinnamon differently than humans. While humans can easily process and break down this ingredient, it may be more difficult for a dog to do so.

The amount of time it takes for a dog to digest cinnamon will depend on the size of your pet, as well as how much cinnamon was eaten.

Generally speaking, small amounts of cinnamon should pass through your pup’s digestive system in around 6-8 hours. Eating large amounts of cinnamon could take up to 24 hours or more to be fully digested.

Can Dogs Eat Baked Goods With Cinnamon?

Yes, dogs can eat baked goods with cinnamon, but it is important to be cautious and moderate the amount.

However, it’s important to note that many baked goods contain other ingredients, such as chocolate or nutmeg, which can be harmful to dogs.

So, while cinnamon may be safe, it’s best to avoid giving dogs baked goods altogether or ensure that the ingredients are safe for them to consume.


Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon Toast?

Yes. Dogs can eat cinnamon toast, but it’s important to remember that too much of a good thing can be bad for them.

Cinnamon toast is high in sugar and fat, so it should only be given as an occasional treat and not part of their everyday diet.

You’ll want to make sure the toast you give your pup isn’t made with any raisins or other ingredients that are toxic to dogs. All in all, a little bit of cinnamon toast now and then will do no harm to your pup!

Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

No, we don’t recommend feeding your dog, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. This breakfast cereal contains ingredients that can be harmful to dogs like sugar and artificial flavoring.

Furthermore, Cinnamon Toast Crunch also has a high salt content, which can lead to dehydration in dogs and other health concerns.

The best way to offer your pup a special treat is with natural healthy snacks made for them. Look for dog-friendly treats made with real ingredients such as fresh fruit or vegetables for an extra special surprise!

Can Dogs Have Cinnamon Sugar?

No, it is not usually recommended to give dogs cinnamon sugar. While some dogs may enjoy the flavor of cinnamon and sugar, both ingredients can cause serious health issues if consumed in large quantities.

Cinnamon can be a stomach irritant for some dogs and excess amounts of sugar can lead to weight gain, obesity, and other health problems.

If your dog does happen to eat a small amount of these ingredients, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Can Dogs Have Cinnamon For Bad Breath?

Yes. Cinnamon is a great way to naturally freshen your pet’s breath and can be safe for them in small doses.

Its strong aroma helps mask bad odors, while its antimicrobial properties help kill bacteria that cause bad breath. You can give your pup a sprinkle of cinnamon on their food or add it to homemade treats.

However, dogs should never have too much cinnamon – only a pinch at a time.

Too much of this spice can be harmful and even toxic, so always consult with your vet before adding it to the diet.

Additionally, make sure the cinnamon you use is pure and organically sourced without any added sugar or artificial sweeteners which could harm your pup!

Q: How much cinnamon can dogs have?

A: It is recommended to give dogs only a small amount of cinnamon.

Q: Is cinnamon safe for dogs?

A: Yes, cinnamon is generally safe for dogs.

Q: Can dogs eat cinnamon rolls?

A: It is not recommended to feed your dog cinnamon rolls as they often contain ingredients that can be harmful to dogs.

Q: Is cinnamon toxic to dogs?

A: While cinnamon is not considered to be directly toxic to dogs, consuming large amounts may cause digestive issues.

Q: Can dogs have cinnamon in baked goods?

A: It is best to avoid giving dogs cinnamon in baked goods as they may contain other ingredients that could be harmful to dogs.

Q: Are there any health benefits of cinnamon for dogs?

A: Cinnamon may have some health benefits for dogs, such as promoting better digestion and reducing inflammation.

Q: Can dogs have cinnamon dog treats?

A: Yes, there are specifically made cinnamon dog treats available that are safe for dogs to consume.

Q: Is cinnamon bad for dogs?

A: In small amounts, cinnamon is generally not bad for dogs. However, too much cinnamon can cause digestive issues.

In Conclusion

Cinnamon is a great spice to add to your dog’s food.

While some dogs might be allergic to cinnamon, it is very uncommon.

When first feeding your dog with cinnamon, watch for their reaction.

If everything goes alright, you can include this healthy spice in your dog’s diet.

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