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Pup With The Saddest Eyes Was Finally Rescued From Heartless Owner



Reviewed By: Dr. Joel Robertson

We love our pets to the moon and back — and in return, they give us unconditional love and companionship.

Their adoration of us is incredible, even through incredible pain.

Which is why the story of this mistreated pup is absolutely heartbreaking.

Meet Jax

Source: We Love Animals

A local resident of Palm Coast, Florida, made a horrific discovery one autumn afternoon. There was a starving, neglected dog kept by an abusive owner in their neighborhood. They begged local volunteers, including the SMART Saving Missing Animals Response Team, to step in and help the suffering pup.

“Jax was only a few days from starvation,” a SMART volunteer said. “Seeing the sadness in him when I picked him up. . . oh, it was awful.”

Source: We Love Animals

The team wasted no time whisking Jax away to a nearby vet. Jax could barely stand or walk at that point, so they bundled him in blankets and set him in the passenger seat.

“He kinda inched his way over to me and looked at me with those sad eyes,” the volunteer continued. “I cried all the way to the vet’s office.”

Much-Needed Treatment

Jax weighed only 21 pounds — a dog his size should have weighed 45 pounds. His tearful rescuers knew he needed lots of love to recover from such a horrific ordeal.

Source: We Love Animals

Caroline and Eric, members of the SMART team, took Jax home for more intensive treatment. He was unable to stand or walk at first, but after about a week, started to get up on his own.

“This boy has such an amazing fighting spirit,” Caroline said. “Despite his abuse, he wags and gives kisses so happy to be around love.”

Source: We Love Animals

It would be a long road to recovery for the malnourished Jax. But little by little, his strength was returning.

Much-Deserved Love

Although his original owner claimed Jax ‘simply wouldn’t eat,’ he put on 20 pounds over the course of a month. With plenty of pampering and lots of treats, he had finally gained enough weight to walk around on his own.

Source: We Love Animals

It was finally time for Jax to be placed in a forever home, which he found in owners Eric and Steve.

“We instantly knew as soon as he came up he greeted us outside that this was his place for sure,” Eric said. “I cannot believe that such a sweet boy is welcoming to us as humans after all that,” Steve added.

Today, Jax is thriving with his newfound family. And despite his history of abuse, Steve and Eric say he’s “nothing but love.”

“He’s our joy every day we wake up,” Eric said. “He’s more a blessing to us than we are to him.”

Source: We Love Animals

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