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9 Tips To Keep Your Dog Falling Off The Bed



Reviewed By: Dr. Joel Robertson

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Although it might seem like a shortfall, dogs can injure themselves if they fall off the bed.

There are lots of pet parents that go to their vets with injuries related to falling off the bed.

To keep your dog from falling off the bed, you have to be creative and take action.

9 Tips To Keep Your Dog Falling Off The Bed

  1. Purchase a low-profile bed frame
  2. Install Headboard and Footboard
  3. Install bed rails
  4. Get your dog a comfortable orthopedic bed
  5. Raise their bed to the same level as your bed
  6. Acquire pet steps or a ramp
  7. Place the bed close to a wall
  8. Throw pillows around your bed to soften the fall
  9. Set a bathroom routine

9 Tips To Keep Your Dog Falling Off The Bed

9 Tips To Keep Your Dog Falling Off The Bed

Here are 9 tips to keep your dog from falling off the bed.

1. Purchase a low-profile bed frame

The first thing that I did when my dog fell off the bed is purchased a low-profile bed frame.

Low-profile bed frames are great for decreasing the chance of your pup falling off.

Usually, these frames are no higher than 1 foot off the ground, which helps keep them from slipping and sliding.

Make sure it’s raised high enough for easy access but low enough so your pup cannot accidentally jump or fall off.

2. Install Headboard and Footboard

Installing a headboard and footboard to the bed frame is an effective way to protect your dog from falling off the bed.

The extra height will provide them with something physical to use as a barrier when jumping onto and off of it.

Be sure that both items are securely fastened onto the frame for added safety.

3. Install bed rails

Bed rails are an effective way to guarantee your dog doesn’t fall off the bed while they sleep.

They create a physical barrier between your pup and the floor, so even if they move around or attempt to jump off, they won’t have far to go.

Make sure the bed rails fit properly on your bed size for maximum safety, then secure them using screws and strong adhesive – giving you peace of mind knowing your pup is secure from any potential falls.

4. Get your dog a comfortable orthopedic bed

Maybe the reason why your dog is on your bed is that he doesn’t like their bed.

Getting your dog a comfortable orthopedic bed will keep them off your bed in the first place.

You can place their bed right next to yours so they can feel safe.

There are tons of orthopedic dog beds that are very comfortable.

5. Raise their bed to the same level as your bed

If your pup doesn’t like the new bed, try raising it to be on the same level as your bed.

For this, you can use an old mattress or something big and long enough as your bed.

I would also place tons of pillows and make stairs to prevent my dog from falling off the newly raised dog bed.

6. Acquire pet steps or a ramp

Pet stairs can be an invaluable aid in keeping your pup from falling off the bed. Pet stairs provide an accessible means for them to get onto or off any elevated surface, like beds and couches, with various styles and sizes to suit any need.

Furthermore, pet stairs offer excellent support for older or arthritic dogs who may find it difficult to jump up on their own.

7. Place the bed close to a wall

Placing the bed near the wall on the side where your dog is sleeping will definitely keep them from falling off.

This goes great with installing a headboard and footboard as they have no other place to go.

Keep in mind that your dog can still jump over you, but luckily, they can wake you up in the process so you can stop them and safely get them off the bed.

Just make sure that you are not moving the bed close to a window that might one day be left open.

8. Throw pillows around your bed to soften the fall

Throwing pillows around your bed might look messy but will definitely soften your dog’s fall.

Although this is not the ultimate solution, it can keep your dog safe while you find a solution.

Carefully stack the pillows all around your bed close one to another.

You can also place some blankets underneath them.

9. Set a bathroom routine

Your dog might be jumping off the bed because it is trying to go to the bathroom.

Setting up a bathroom routine in the middle of the night where you will wake up your dog and take it out to do its thing will definitely keep them from falling off the bed.

My dog is waking up two times in the middle of the night, so this is not something new.

It might be hard for you to get up, but it is definitely better than your dog falling from the bed and possibly injuring themselves.

8 Reasons Why Your Dog Keeps Falling Off The Bed?

Here are 8 reasons why your dog keeps falling off the bed:

  • Changes sleeping position
  • Dreaming
  • Seizures
  • Arthritis
  • Balance problems
  • Trying to get off the bed
  • Stuck in covers
  • Going blind

Changes sleeping position

When your pup falls off the bed, there could be several reasons. Just as humans do when they try to turn over in bed without knowing how much room is available.

Dogs also move around a lot while sleeping and may be more prone to rolling off due to changing positions or not having enough mattress space – leading them to eventually end up on the floor.


Dogs often experience intense dreams, which may involve running or jumping.

As a result, their body tries to replicate what’s going on inside their mind, sometimes leading them to move or even fall off the bed.

When dogs sleep, their brain orders their muscles to relax. However, this is not always the case.

When their sleep takes over, they can start barking, jumping, and running in their sleep.

If you wake up to find your pup snoring at the foot of your bed at night, it could be because they had too much dream-running and got confused!


Seizures in dogs are an incredibly common occurrence, often without warning or indication from the pup.

When one occurs, your pup may suddenly fall off the bed due to a lack of motor control and spasms; seizures usually happen when a pup has been startled or scared, so any furniture near the bed that could be causing distress should be moved away from it.

While some seizures are not harmful to your dog, causing them to fall off the bed can lead to serious injuries.

If seizures become frequent and severe with other symptoms like loss of consciousness or difficulty breathing, contact your vet right away for further evaluation and treatment.


Arthritis can significantly impact your dog’s ability to navigate a surface, such as the top of a bed.

It causes stiffness and pain in their joints which makes it hard for them to move around comfortably.

They may struggle jumping up onto the bed or end up falling off more frequently than usual.

If arthritis is an issue for your pup, there are steps you can take to make life easier: provide ramps or stairs so they have an easier time getting on and off.

Consider purchasing pet beds designed specifically with joint support in mind for extra cushioning and stress reduction in sensitive areas.

Problems with balance (Vestibular disorder)

The vestibular disorder also referred to as “old dog disease,” can disrupt your canine companion’s balance and coordination.

Signs may include difficulty staying put when lying down or standing. Older dogs may be especially prone to these issues due to age-related changes in their physical capabilities.

Signs associated with vestibular disorder include dizziness, head tilt, circling movements, loss of appetite, and difficulty getting up after lying down.

Trying to get off the bed

Your dog might be falling off the bed because it is simply trying to get off but is unable due to height.

Sometimes it has nothing to do with medical conditions.

Maybe your dog has to pee, drink water, or eat.

So, in an attempt to get off the bed, they might simply misjudge the height and fall.

Might be stuck in covers

This actually happened to my dog.

One night my dog was trying to get off the bed but got one leg stuck in the sheets and slammed his head on the ground.

Luckily, he didn’t suffer any injuries but was sure as hell more careful the next time.

Going blind

Going blind might be the cause of your dog constantly falling off the bed.

As dog’s age, their eyesight naturally weakens and they become less accurate at judging distances between furniture edges and floors.

This could lead to accidental falls from bed. If your pup’s vision is waning, this could be contributing factor in their frequent falls from bed.

How Likely Is For a Dog To Get Hurt From Falling Off The Bed

Falling off the bed is a common occurrence for dogs, as they may be tempted to join their owners in bed and may not have enough strength or stability to stay put.

While most pets will simply get up and shake it off, some can suffer serious injuries from even minor slips.

When a dog falls to the ground from an elevated place such as off of a bed, their instinct is to brace itself with outstretched legs and paws.

Unfortunately, this could result in fractures or sprains to soft tissue like pulled muscles or ruptured ligaments when landing on hard surfaces like tile or wood flooring.

Even with carpet or padding laid out on top, a fall from a great height still has the potential for harm.

In some cases, dogs who fall off the bed may suffer a concussion or more serious head trauma if they hit their head on the way down.

This could cause confusion, disorientation, and lethargy; therefore it’s essential to monitor your pup closely after taking a tumble.

Other potential risks include internal bleeding due to ruptured organs or other internal injuries caused by the impact of the fall.

Overall, falls from the bed can pose some risk of injury for your canine companion if they’re not properly supervised.

If your pup does slip and fall off, be sure to watch for any concerning signs and take them straight to the vet if necessary.

What To Do When My Dog Falls From The Bed?

There is a great risk of your dog getting injured when falling from the bed.

These injuries have happened before and trust me, they are not minor.

Pet parents wake up in the middle of the night from a bang sound and find their dog just lay there on the ground.

Here is what you should do when your dog falls from the bed:

  1. If there is bleeding, press a clean cloth on the head and go to an emergency vet.
  2. If there is no blood, turn on the lights and see how your dog reacts.
  3. Offer food and water and see if they will eat.
  4. Try to see how your dog is breathing, panting is not good and requires medical attention.
  5. Make your dog walk to see if he is going to limp or whine. Excessive licking of a certain spot can also suggest an injury.
  6. Check their nose, ears, and mouth for blood.

Basically, just monitor your dog and verify that they are acting as before.

If there are some changes in their behavior, schedule a vet appointment.

In Conclusion

Every dog will fall off the bed at some point in their life.

However, keep in mind that falling off the bed can cause serious injuries and should be prevented.

See what works for your best but make sure that your dog doesn’t fall off the bed.

Please take the time and leave a comment below if this article helped you, or you have any additional questions.

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